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Thanks, Joe, for passing along the attached letter after my letter, below! What a mixture of ideas and suspicions! The ideas presented are very interesting and surprisingly free of the totalitarian, compelled strains of the times.

It is of course the analysis of the person originating that letter, and these could be incomplete and partially off base. But there may in fact be something there ... from the malicious acts claims, to the concealments and deceptions regarding 'Global Warming', to a hint of an official justification for 'aerial chemical spraying'.

Put THESE together with oft repeated scare attempts - here at least in North America - over at first SARS, then BIRD Flu - with repeat promotions of the IDEAs that Compelled Vaccinations, Martial Law, and Forced Quarantine - in Concentration CAMPS - of the Sick or of 'uncooperative persons' may be necessary to prevent a 'Great Plague', and you have an interesting mix as well as a potential raison d'etre for Fascist Gov'tal Coups d'Etats suppressing Liberty of Thought or Action, world wide, but especially in, a Largely Ignorant and Insular in Political Aspect, depleted of Geographical Knowledge, largely moldable/foolable, NORTH AMERICA.

Manufactured and Frightening Information generating Hysteria on Purpose?! ... For the institution of NWO Fascist Control, when added to 911-Aftermath's Wail of Rush-to-Blame and/or Disinformation?

I am, however, biased. And I have had such extensive paranoias earlier in my life, that I am frankly blas6 at the possible or at least imaginable intrigues.

You can't blame a Thanksgiving Turkey for being 'Paranoid' but I think I have exceeded such a Bird's perception of reality a number of times in my life - IT'S "Old Hat"!

Yes, I've long suspected NAStA of sewing of castrated info.

I think they've been involved in measurements which should have settled some Warming and Ozone Hole issues long ago. I also think they have been concealing info on changes in the Sun's erstwhile "activity cycle" of the last seven years, changes which no amount of 'chemtrails' or Earthly Fossil Fuels burning could have caused, but changes which when observed may have partially justified somekind of semi-secret if labeled 'protective' spraying, with such justifications used to set up a 'cover' for the concealed, if massive, programs for "protecting the Earth" without raising "public panic" ... for the trails.

Still, haven't repeated denials in the face of apparent human observations further RAISED, not Suppressed the degree of panic radiating from paranoid net surfers??!

Wow! ... My Head is beginning to SPIN!

Or is their plan simply to BURN OUT Credibility of Persons reacting to officially denied spraying?

Of course, at first the Ozone Hole - notice how public consciousness of THAT Problem is seemingly fading? - followed by Peak Oil (also fading away - after all, the definition of Recoverable Reserves of hydrocarbons varies much as the economics change, as most wells/pools/fields become 'shut in' for Economic Reasons, reasons which can become void as the price of Oil Goes up) or Al Gore's Movie Oscar and Nobel (PEACE, hence Politics, mind you, NOT Science, BioMed/Chemistry/Physics!) HEADLINE and Balls Grabbing, Public Fear and FAME Elevations ... all could appear possibly part of a 'Grand Plan'.

"REVELATIONS" fulfilled ... ?????

Was GEORGE Selected to "do the day to day dirty work while AL was being preened to RETURN AS ANTI-Christ?

WHO, THEN, is the 'Whore of Babylon'?!

BIG AL, as The ANTI-Christ - Funny?
Maybe NOT so funny!

Why NOT?!

Isn't HE posing as the proverbial "Angel of LIGHT"?!

It's enough to make a corpse wake up, think, not stink, if you can see shadow shenanigans apparently under way!

And LOOK! - Plant Food CO2, the scarcest Input, used with Water and Sunlight, for Photosynthesis/Food Energy of most life on Earth (directly or indirectly), the very CO2 which is absolutely NON-Toxic at the level of 370 ppm scaring Greenhounds Shitless, life-giving CO2's termed Pollution, so "Doing Something about Air Pollution" is becoming thus re-defined as curtailing emission of Oil and Coal Based Fuel Burning, while rampant Wood burning, usually dusty, even dioxin generating in the case of Forest Fires, and which is a great contributor of Air Borne CO2, including from oxidation of forest floor detritus/soil, seen more so with realization that Life - Plants/Animals - living aloft on Old Growth Trees, can have as much Carbon as the Board Feet of Mature Growth lumber taken (which last is the data Geographer/Climatologists have at hand) - that Purposeful Forest/Brush Burning, rampant in the Tropics, making thieves rich, driving Natives off land, making Cattle Ranches or Farms for burgeoning populations of the Third World - well, such drastic changes of the Natural Environment are now being increasingly swept aside in Public Consciousness, along with the definition of Pollution as Life-Harmful Poisons, by act of the CO2 Hysteria Monomaniac Propaganda Juggernaut.

IF Oil & Gas, IF Coal, Origined CO2 Molecules, warm the Earth by Greenhouse Infrared Absorption, then WHY DON'T Third World Forest Burning CO2 Molecules do LIKEWISE?!

EVER WONDERED? - ARE SOME CO2 molecules ... 'Special!'? - or just more 'Politically Correct' for Reformed Leftists who have been claimed, now owned, as N.W.O. 'POD People'?!

By the way, Earlier in this decade, NASA Published Composite Flows Maps of CO1 (Carbon MON-Oxide) Rivers flowing from Malay Archipelago and Indonesia, going East, then North over Central Pacific, aerial rivers of CO1 formed during Seasonal SE Asian, Malay-Indonesian Archipelago/Islands Tropical Forest Burning.

People have long been aware that Dusts - such as soil lifted from the North American 'DUST BOWL' of the 1930's - travel in such rivers, as do the smoke from Great Forest Fires in Canada.

In the case of the Dust Bowl Aerial Rivers, much of the soil ended up being dumped in North Africa, "an Ocean Away" - to what end?!

CO1 (molecular weight 28) is 'LIGHTER' than CO2 (m.w. 44), while Soil Dusts and Smoke of course contain much heavier particles. CO2 is thus trapped between a lighter substance, Carbon Monoxide, and heavier Dusts, BOTH of Which flow in Aerial Rivers from their Sources TRANS-OCEANIC-ALLY.

Why wouldn't the Massive CO2 produced from SE Asian/Indonesian Forest and Bush Burning LIKEWISE follow a similar seasonal pattern ... and sweep out and over the MID-Pacific Ocean?

WHERE ARE THE NASA CO2 - rather than CO1 - Map/Pictures?

As to the CO1 Rivers from SE Asian Seasonal Forest Clearance/ Burning, Hawaii sits right in the North East Trend of the Flow.

But as the Fires liberate MUCH MORE CO2 than CO1, can we not be excused for daring to ask "Do rivers of CO2 pass over Hawaii?!"

IF SO, How IS IT, for Several Decades the US Gov't/NOAA/NASA have had a DOGMA that CO2 is so well mixed in the Earth's Air so a Single Station for sampling of CO2 on a Hawaiian Mountain suffices to measure the CO2 fraction (currently with annual average of about 370 ppm [parts per million - peanuts!] ) for the Entire Earth's Atmosphere?!

By the way, on the issue that CO2 is such a great absorber of infrared light: Prior to the launch of the Hubble Telescope - which if its Mirror been correctly ground rather than requiring Infrared-Absorbing 'Corrective Lenses' (as later emplaced by industrious and scientifically useful NASA Astronauts conveyed by the suddenly useful Space Shuttle), would have been a Great InfraRed as well as Visible and UltraViolet Combo Telescope - NASA and Other researchers had been using special Telescopes flown in Special Aircraft or in gondolas under Balloons, just in order to GET ABOVE the 'INFRARED ABSORBING H2O' - Not CO2! - of the Lower Atmosphere!

"Getting ABOVE"?! - Just HOW High did they GO?!

Could Air Moisture - H2O - be MORE Important for deflecting warm ground radiated Infrared, which could otherwise escape with some of Earth's Heat off into Space at Night, than CO2, when the Water is as Vapor, otherwise as reflecting Clouds, returning Earth's Heat erstwhile escaping as Infrared, BACK to Ground, or at least retaining much in the Air, at Night?

Ever noticed that on Clear Nights, Air can Cool down faster than with reflective clouds, at least when humidity is low?!

Would higher, but insufficient for clouds, airborne moisture make any difference? Or is it CO2-ALL-THE-WAY, after all?! Or is high enough moisture content BOUND to Produce Clouds and Reflection with little Absorption?

I wonder - does anyone reading KNOW?
Has the situation been carefully and repeatedly MEASURED?!

Why were Infrared Astronomers once excited about "getting above Earth's atmospheric H2O" rather than getting above Earth's CO2?!

Were THEY just mistaken? - OR,

Just HOW EXPERT Are "The Experts"? ...


There is MUCH to be carefully analyzed.
And I for one have many questions.

Maybe I am just a hopelessly ignorant old man ... ?

Do you think that Mathematician-become-Climatologist, Handsome, has it all neatly analyzed? Or is there a fraction of Green Hound CO2 Reasoning which is, at least for funding-dependent crapademics, "FUNDING GENERATION/Context RELATED" - at least in Part?!

I'd sure like to know the full "long and short" of it!

So why now, is Oil or Gas or Coal Origin CO2 GUILTY of Causing Global Greenhouse Warming, while (Third World Especially) Wood, and even Chinese and Indian Coal Burning, somehow exonergated by the Kyoto Treaty?

Is the Treaty based on TRUE (rather then merely speculative, hysterical) SCIENCE? - or is it ostensively Scientific, but actually ANTI-American diversion, using Leftist willingness?

Is it a Political Maneuver for the Purpose to confuse Earth's Population and promote The Occulted Malthusian AIMS of the N.W.O.?!

IS the massive Tropical Forest Clearance/Bush Burnings, with attempted conversion to plowed crop lands, perhaps the greatest changer of Land Thermodynamic Properties now in Vegetation Covered Portions of the EARTH?

If THESE LAST don't affect Regional, perhaps Global, Climate and Weather Change, then I'd sure like to know "WHY?"!

Joe, I'd thought Hansen was at NASA's Sister Organization, NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency), which is where Weather and Climate studies, involving Ocean and Air currents, fit in better placed on a priori principle, altho' NASA probably at one time took the lead in Stupor Confuter Numerical Simulations, rising from the Ashes of 'Nuclear Winter' or 'Planet Venus' Global Weather Simulationarios.

Today, the News and Other Media, repeat the drum roll ... "CO2 is Air Pollution, Air Pollution is CO2!" - thereby increasingly letting truly toxic and health-as-well-as-wild- life-harmful Strong Acid Rain Gases, such as NO2, N2O4, and SO2 off the HOOK, while Lung Damaging Diesel?Fuel Oil Soot, Nickel from Nickel Carbonyl in Diesel Fuel, Wood Smoke Dust and Forest Fire-made Dioxins (Trees/Wood also contain some Chlorine atoms in salts besides organic/cellulose compounds, you should have been told and already should know if Gov't and Public Education were very informative)...

That's a potential great boon to THE OWNERS of Industry, Electric Utilities, Lumbering, as well as the Designers of Heavy Load Locomotion and the Refiners of Diesel and Bunker 'C' Fuel Oil (used in heating and Oceanic Ships).

Additionally, Greenhound Oceanographers are attempting to propagate the idea that CO2 is an Acid Forming Gas in the Ocean, when they should KNOW the Oceans already contain 500x TIMES as much CO2 (not the mere 50x which Hansen has been quoting claiming before) as does the Earth's Atmosphere, and that the acidity of any Weakly Acid Carbonic H2CO3 formed is well buffered by the very Bicarbonate/Carbonate Chemical System integral to the Earth's Oceans, with assistance from living plankton.

IS Global Climate Change actually occuring?

Well, When HAS Climate NOT been Changing?!

Didn't cycles of Fertility and Drought even get told with the story of Joseph being Pharaoh's Vizier during the "Seven fat years and seven lean years" of the Old Testament/Hebrew Story of Ancient Jews going into Egypt?

Didn't the Moche and Mayan Civilizations of the New World Rise and Fall with Climate Changes? The Indonesian High Culture rose during the European 'Mini-Ice Age'?!

Wasn't there the American Dust Bowl of the 1930s?!

Wasn't the Battle of the Bulge, December 1944/January 1945, fought during the COLDEST European WINTER of 100 years?!

Why don't GREEN HOUNDS Talk and Explain THOSE Items?

Or have they swept them ALL UP with their more recent 'CO2 Greenhouse WARMING' to "Global Climate Change" propaganda message's "sex change"?!

Is Global Warming occuring? Maybe!

Is CO2 Greenhouse Warming the Only or Main Cause, or just one of many affectors feeding into a supremely nonlinear and complicated set of linked but incompletely known interactions, not accurately simulatable at this time?

What if the Sun's Output or Characteristics (including bursts of ionizing radiation, which affect the Ionosphere, the last now known to be electrically connected to the lower atmosphere via Sprites and Other Cloud to Ionosphere Lightning) were to vary, or ARE varying?!

READY?! ...

Will they/Do they "Get It Right"?! ...
or Just MAKE ERRORS at a much higher Rate?

While the Question with Tomorrow's or Next Week's Weather is OBVIOUS - the NEED to Know NOW - Why do Climatologists NEED Super Fast Computers to calculate the Climate of 50 more years from now?

FASTER Results are NOT necessarily more accurate.

In fact, if pressure to issue BRAG Claims results in use of mere 32 bit reals, which when passed on inter-CPU buses can allow claims of twice the throughput by cheat units of "Numbers/micro-second" than with, instead, 64 bit reals, then I predict that the Numerical Simulations can have gross mis-convergences, cleverly concealed, bursts of numerical noise, most carefully papered over, and may be steered to Pre-Ordained/Pre-Judged Conclusion, through jumps from one Extraneous FALSE Solution to Another, often enough to twist into, come to meet, the Ideological Needs of Current Greenhound, Religious, CO2-Is-All, Doctrine.

What INDEED IF ... Solar X-rays and High Energy Particle/ CME Outbursts, were to have profound Climatic Effects, via Ionospheric Effects and changes in Ionospheric/ Stratospheric Electric Flows, modifying the formation of High Clouds, just for instance? ...

Are the Climatologists' Numerical Simulators and Super Computer Installations UP TO THE RAMIFIED TASK of incorporating such still vaguely perceived and essentially almost unknown effects?

Yes, WHAT IF changes in the behavior of the Sun, or its or the Earth's Magnetic Field, were somehow involved, besides the great, largely man-caused, vegetation ground cover transformations of plant species succession and life sustained changes, as in Forests Burnt or Marshes and Swamps Drained to make Plowed crop Land, large items in changes of the various local and regional climates of the Earth?!

Would any degree of CO2 Hysteria, and political shifting of Industry - this last to potential financial betterment of waiting, astute, maybe even active, prodding, predatory social and entrepreneurial vultures - make any difference here on Earth for the betterment of the fate of Earth's life, including mankind?!


"CO2 from FOSSIL FUELS ONLY!" IS Way Too Simple an Explanation to BET THE FARM ON!

And THINK Further ...

Greenhounds and BIG OIL have waxed Great Contemporaneously - ARE THEY REALLY Such Big Enemies IN FACT?! Or do they set up the Next Stage of Economic or Political Exploitation for each other?!

Why is Coal almost forgotten, with China building a new coal fired power generation plant every 4 to 7 days?!

Why is OIL the CONSTANT TARGET, with SUVs as Bull's-Eye?

Are NOT the Historically as well as Geologically Changeable Weather and Climates of the Locales and Regions of the Earth VERY Complicated and largely still Unfathomed?!

HAS Climatology become

Unlike on Star Trek, today's Computers, even SUPER COMPUTERS, do NOT create Understanding. Numerical Simulation Programs ONLY TEST human understanding. So far, there is something WRONG, because powerful Greenhound Voices have been saying for more than a year, now, that The Real Changes are much faster than the Simulations PREDICTED.

Well, in that case, the Simulators, and with them much of the "Understanding" which Green Minion$ had poured into those Complicated Numerical Beasts, are WRONG!

AS 'PROOF' SUMMER Pictures show Greenland Melting, but started out being shown in January of last year!

Americans living in the 'Lower 48' may be largely unaware of it, but the FACT is that Greenland is mostly DARK in December and January, and even in Southern Greenland, a bit below the Arctic Circle, the Sun is Orange and Low on the Horizon in Winter, during its 4 hours of twilight-like day light in Deep Winter.

Additionally, Greenland MUST Copiously Melt in Summer, to Balance the Great Snow Falls of Winter, lest the Ice Sheet grow and Grow and GROW Deeper and DEEPER and the Ocean Level FALL!

Greenland has ALWAYS Melted a lot in Summer.

The Net Effect of Rate of Melt Changes must be seen against fluctuations, including of Winter Snow Fall, for decades or centuries, before sweeping conclusions can be drawn on its vanishing into thew sea.

ON THE OTHER HAND, if Greenland is actually melting as seriously as is promoted by image and hype, we should start asking ourselves if there are possibly Heat Sources, such as a Yellowstone type Heat Magma/Bubble welling up under it, or perhaps even more bizarrely, if there are sources of Heating in the Depths of the Earth based on Means of which we have been ignorant, perhaps even new "acts and laws of Nature", which we would become forced to know, just as radioactivity was discovered way back in the late 1890s.

As to Replacement of Fossil Fuels, almost immediately, ARE THE ALTERNATIVES TRULY AVAILABLE?! Will they work in Aircraft, for instance? Or large transport Ships at Sea?!

Are Solar and Wind REALLY so capable and Environmentally Friendly as Greenhounds Maintain? Consider that the latest and Cheapest Solar Cell Technology uses Cadmium in abundance and could abrade in wind blown sand in the American "Sunny South West" to poison NOT ONLY the so-called "desert" (which DOES have life) but also the world!

Do Birds scared to death or off from migration routes by Wind Mill Farms, or Wildlife Mammals scared into miscarriage of the 'Apocalypse Now' Helicopter Sounds, favor Wind Farms as Environmentally Friendly?

How good will Solar Power Farms be for supplying electricity during one of America's Great Blizzard Systems which we see from time to time?!

Is Nuclear FISSION suddenly GOOD because it makes NO CO2?!

Why is the scarcest main input ingredient - CO2 - needed for Green Plant Photosynthesis suddenly so Non-Green that SOME Shills have been referring to it as "an invisible deadly gas" for almost two years, when CO2 is absolutely non-toxic at levels we currently experience in Earth's putatively so very well-mixed atmosphere. a value from a Single Hawaiian CO2 at an Air Sampling and Measuring Station, one often DOWNWIND from Massive SE Asian/Indonesian Forest Burning, when not downwind from Chinese or Indian Coal Burning?!

How is it that WARMING MUST BE BAD, when One Third of North America and a Similar Portion of Russia is locked in Arctic or NeoArctic Conditions unfavorable for life in General while favorable mainly to a few Nature-Log Darlings such Eskimos, Caribou, Reindeer, Wolves, Leopard Seals and Whales?

Why are Polar Bears, whose numbers are estimated at only about 25,000, so important that we must plan our lives around them?! Are there NOT more Worthy and Important Animals and Plants to Save?!

Wouldn't Bridget Bardot's precious Seals be happier if the White Butcher Bears, a transitional type of bear suited for Ice Floes, rather than Ice Caps, at the Arctic Remnant Tail of the last Ice Age, were to die off entirely?!

Hasn't the Arctic been WARMER in many Past Times, even within the last several million years? Hasn't Greenland had Forests? Why is Age-Age-Remnant Life so much more important than any potential replacement life?

Isn't it true that the Man who MOST Fears Change is the Man most blessed by the CURRENT STATE OF THINGS?!

Do Malthusian-tending Greenhound Leaders REALLY care about Bangladeshees?! Do GREENS LEADERS organize special charities for Bangladeshees?!

IS "Greenhouse Global Warming" Occuring? Maybe.

IS FOSSIL FUEL BURNING (First World ONLY, please!) 'THE' CAUSE? ... or are other agents, such as massive conversions of Forests to Other Types of Ground Cover, especially to, radically different from forests, plowed cropland, also heavily involved?!

WHY did GREENHOUNDS try to shift from GREENHOUSE WARMING which cause they argued for two decades to Climate Change, which always has occurred over the last thousands of years for various locales in various aways at various times, since the Northern ICE CAP broke up?! Is it an attempt for a "Heads I Win - Tails YOU LOSE!" propaganda trick against their legitimate critics?!

Why do Green Hounds seem
to HATE anyone who proposes
Different IDEAS or Analyses?!


Why aren't these questions being asked in the open and on the NEWS?

Are the Media COMPLICIT, Cowed, Bought-off, or just plain STUPID?!

More Questions: HOW MUCH CO2 does fermentation of starch sugars, as with yellow corn/maize mash, to Ethanol, give off?! How SAVING of CO2 emission IS the replacement of a portion of Gasoline with grain alcohol?!

Ask THAT in addition to "How much fuel is burnt in cultivation, harvesting, and in making/transport/ application of fertilizers/pesticides/weed killers in making Ethanol from American Yellow Corn/Maize?"

IS Corn Alcohol very saving of CO2 emission?

How many Greedy Entrepreneurs and Politicians can ride on a Semi-Scientific Funding Bandwagon?!

"Play it [again,] Sam!": IS WARMING of The NORTH a Universal Bane? - TO WHOM, besides some Native Traditionalists, Vested Arctic Wildlife Academic Researchers, or Polar Bears and Dogtur So-Sucky?!

"The Real World is far more Complex than THEY (want YOU to) BELIEVE!" - GGF (me)

Gary Gene Ford - *****


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"We'll know our disinformation program is
complete when everything the American public
believes is false." -- William Casey,
CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981)
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What Happened to Brother
Jonathan in the Last Year?

So - It's been just over a whole year since I last talked to you.
The last BroJon Digest was November 20, 2006.
That was just before the American holiday called Thanksgiving in 2006. For over a year, I have had no computer and no email service which made it difficult to update the BroJon Gazette and send out BroJon Digests. I could not even answer the thousands of emails you sent to ask where I was, and was I OK? Actually, my computer was and is working well and has no problems. The problem was the software. My computer has been under constant and continuous hacker attack for over a year.

Beginning in July of 2006, I published the series of articles about the Israeli-Lebanese war called "The Rockets of Haifa..." I exposed that the attacks on Israel were not coming from Lebanon, nor even the news media, but was coming from the CIA. I then came under serious attacks from Backdoor Trojans which tried to take over control of my computer and shut it down. Later in November 2006 I started the series about "Troika of Terror - Mind Control in the U.S Space Program." Suddenly the Trojan attacks increased to several times a day and the result was an "instant Blue Screen of Death" appearing randomly throughout the day - my computer was completely shut down and whatever I was working on at the time was lost.

A message appeared "Windows has encountered an error and is shutting down." What I didn't know then was that I had many virus and Trojan scanners running on my computer to protect me from just such Trojan attacks and they were what was triggering the shutdowns. Any time my scanners ran across a Trojan and tried to remove it, the uniquely written Trojan program protected itself by causing an instant shutdown. I also found out that they were not just Trojans but "Trojan Droppers." What that meant was that as I tried to remove the Trojan, it made another copy of itself and "Dropped" or installed another new copy randomly attaching itself to other files in my computer.

Soon, I found that I had 8 to 10, and at one time as many as 18 Trojans running on my computer, all at the same time. That was Thanksgiving November 2006. That's when I decided not to connect to the Internet anymore, until I could solve the problem. In effect, the BroJon Gazette and the BroJon Digest were effectively shut down. Most of the programs I used for publishing the BroJon Gazette were permanently erased. Anytime I connected to the Internet, my computer went through another instant shutdown, another blue-screen of Death, and it dropped another Trojan on my computer. Thanks Guys - I Needed That!

For the last year, I have been trying to solve this problem. In 2003 and 2004, I wrote a series of articles on how to protect your computer from viruses and Trojans. After years of research, I am familiar with the problem of computer security and protection. What worked in 2004, DOES NOT protect in 2007. Actually, that means for me and not for you. For the average computer user, like you, the advice I gave you in my 2004 articles is perfectly fine and is good protection for your computer. Continue using it. But for me it will not work, since my own protection is being used against me. My Ad-aware, SpyBot Search and Destroy scanners, along with ZoneAlarm Pro and my private virus-Trojan scanner, which I won't name, are used as open ports into my computer for dropping Trojans. Even my email program was hijacked and used as an entry point for Trojans, even when nobody was sending me email. How is that done and who is doing it to my computer? Here are two stories about how its done.

For those of you who are fans of the popular TV program CSI:Crime Scene Investigators in Las Vegas and also the CSI:Miami program, you have seen many times how CSI computer guys get a court order which they serve on the criminal perpetrator' s ISP (Internet Service Provider) and the ISP opens a back door and lets CSI rummage through the criminal's computer, reading his email and files. This technique requires two things: (1) the court order and (2) the acquiescence or approval of the ISP. Some ISP's do not do this, but most do, especially with a duly processed court order. The result is that somebody other than you has just broken into your computer and taken over control and you have no way of knowing it since it is invisible. This technique has been in the news a lot lately, since that is how the CIA "taps" into terrorists computers and reads their email. That news topic has been about "should the CIA be required to get court orders to do that?" The CIA says no, and does it anyway. And here is another way:

This story involves a popular website called Wikipedia. This is a well-known online encyclopedia with entries written by professors and educators or anyone knowledgeable of certain areas of information. All the entries are supposed to by signed by the author and changes to the entries are done with the approval of the original author. All this information is on the Wikipedia website. This has made Wikipedia a wonderful resource for researchers and school children. But in the last year, Wikipedia has become a major source for "disinformation." "Somebody" has been breaking into the Wikipedia website and without signatures or approvals has been adding to entries, changing entries and even deleting entries. The break-ins were untraceable.

In the last six months, a private research firm got approval to search through the Wikipedia logs and ferret out who was making all those false encyclopedia entries. It was a long laborious exercise to translate all those log entries into the addresses of the original computers which made those illegal entries. And guess what? A great many of those false entries were coming from the "basement" of the CIA in Langley Virginia. Who would have thought? Well, the CIA does break into many computers using national security as a cover story, sometimes with or without court orders. So this fact was not unexpected.

What was truly amazing was that the vast majority of all illegal break ins and entries into Wikipedia were coming from the "basement" of NASA Headquarters in Washington DC. Yes, NASA Headquarters right on the Mall, next to the National Air and Space Museum. Does NASA have teams of computer geeks with special knowledge of computer programming for the space program? You betcha. I used to be one of them. In 1983, I personally built and modified the animal cages for the rat and monkey experiments which flew on the Shuttle Columbia in 1984. I personally wrote the computer program using an array of 12 Apple computers to collect, store and process all the biological data, in real time, from the 24 rats and 4 monkeys. In 1983, Apple II was considered, "state of the art." Apples didn't have the problems of the old IBM PC which constantly and randomly shut down and stopped working. The problem was not the PC itself, it was the poorly constructed program called MicroSoft MSDOS. To make the computer run again, somebody needed to manually push Reset to unfreeze and reboot the computer, something NASA thought was undesirable for use in the space program, so Apples were chosen instead.

I personally don't call myself a computer geek, and I have never worked with teams of programmers. NASA always hired me to fix specific problems and I did them all single-handedly. I did build my first home-made computer in 1975 and the only language I could use then was machine code or assembly code. There was then no Algol, Fortran nor Basic for home-made computers. There was only manual entry of each microprocessor instruction. This is called machine code. Programming computers in machine code is a trait common to "computer geeks." So in that sense, I could be called a computer "geek." And if you want to call me that - it's OK. But just say it softly so I can't hear you. I detest "computer geeks" especially when they "team up" to break in and destroy my computer, or to break into Wikipedia. And what has NASA/CIA been doing breaking into Wikipedia?

Most of the changed or modified entries in Wikipedia had to do with changing the facts and history of "Global Warming." Based on the entries in Wikipedia, you would believe that global warming is real and it is supported by the scientific facts, but as I have shown in numerous articles in the Brother Jonathan Gazette all those facts are, in fact, false and simply "manufactured" by NASA. Since I was publishing proof that Global Warming was false, NASA/CIA had no choice but to also break in to my computer and shut down the BroJon Gazette.

Carbon Dioxide is not and can never be a "greenhouse gas." There is no such thing as a greenhouse layer, there is no "warming" of the planet, there is no melting of the ice caps, there is no warming of the oceans nor rise in the sea levels. There is no melting of glaciers caused by "warming." All those claims, and many more, made by Al Gore in his movie "An Inconvenient Truth" are 100 percent false and mostly coming from a single source, NASA's "expert" James Hansen. It's not coming from NASA, but only from Hansen himself. But even now, Hansen admits that he lied in order to promote the concept of "global warming." So what's going on here? The strange "wedding" of NASA and the CIA is what I have named the TROIKA. Since the roots of this organization were first formed in southern Russia in 1895, I have given it a Russian name. It's a long story, with lots of documentation, so that will be coming up later.

What's next is a very short set of paragraphs explaining why there is no such thing as a "Hole in the Ozone Layer" nor "Global Warming." It is so simple even grammar school kids who are forced to sit through screenings of "An Inconvenient Truth" can understand it. The proof is devastating and scientific, and it's simple. Most Americans believe that Global Warming is an American scientific theory and is supported by a "consensus" of scientists at NASA. Wrong!

The very first use of the terms "hole in the ozone" and "global warming" came not from Americans in 1980 or 1990, but came much earlier from the basement of the Kremlin in Moscow. It was pure poppycock propaganda from the Soviet KGB, and first broadcast from Radio Moscow in 1970. I know exactly where I was in 1970, and I heard those broadcasts myself. I was a short wave radio ham, and frequently listened to Radio Moscow as an alternate news source. Today most people have another source of alternate news, it's called the Internet. The purpose of the false KGB propaganda was to slow down the American Space program in the race to the moon in 1970, and was designed to blame Americans for polluting the planet, and thus shut down the world economy. It still has that same function today. The Global Warming theory made no sense to me when I first heard it in 1970. It still makes no scientific sense today.

Coming Next: "A TALE OF TWO GASES - Ozone and Carbon Dioxide..."

(Note: Because of the severely deteriorated state of my main computer, I cannot update the Brother Jonathan Gazette news stories, nor make entries into the BroJon Almanac, nor the BroJon Earthquake Predictor. Be patient. I am working on it. Even as I type this on my laptop, which has no connection to the Internet, and has not skipped a heartbeat in several years, my main computer has just sounded an alarm that it has discovered another Trojan break in. I hate Troika computer geeks. And so the beat goes on.)

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