by Plasma Maestro Gary G. Ford, the Order of Swimp

"PixelMan of the Apocalypse"

A Grisly form of Quoting the UDK has appeared, And Mark a Thorn of Patience & Understanding Has drawn near ...

The Redden Flame of eyeless skulls alit with Fire To Dream once more! ... has imprinted the hand of Dog!

That a drop of Cosmic Blood, A Ruby of Reasonable Inference, has Appeared!

Beyond Kali's soft grave of unmixed dying stars' ash, like a heavy initiation into breathless flury, beats the drum of thought that unreason alone is not enough to make escape this damned fury!

... that the Sun of Suns will Quit without a Moment's Rest, and Snakes do Crawl to Mean Revile the Liars of the Deadest Legends Make! ...

And all the Direst Thoughts of Callow Seasons Take to Drenched in Blood of Viler Pasts shall arise again to solid Form, Partake,

Bemoan the Wind for its Tempest Trumpet Urging Fury's POWER!

To the Guillotine, thus, I shall take these thoughts, that of a Mind of Mighty Wind, which came and lost, A Hesitation Seen has been before my darkened eyes, Inside my grave of ashen Sins to secret know, That once having been a mortal's man, I hear it still!...

The hissing never stops, and all which comes before still reaches forth to grab the Very Fabric Made of Cooling Light and Fame so easy Quenched In Icy Space in Silent Brains ...

To hear alone and stop at once its impact madness formed, of all the tempting Fear which Sullies forth, I fear the Rapine and Delusions Make My mind the Hideous Fears Forget my Name!

Greetings Fellow Visitor from AFAR!

Thanotania be thy Mark and make thy wit To dwell amongst the Living Dead Last forever More!

Do take the bit! ...

What's Up, Doc?!




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