Quad4 & Vortex Symmetries

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Four Mouthed Wormholes,
Archetypal Configurations,
and other Weird Symmetries...

Sep-Oct 1998


FOUR mouths of a primordial wormhole at the Planck scale (full tetrahedral symmetry of Arthur Young's) synchronistic to recent exchanges [1998] between Saul Paul Sirag, Nick Herbert, Tony Smith, Dimi Chakalov, Jack Sarfatti, et al.


[Created late 1996 CE to early '97 CE]
[Created mid 1997 CE]

All the images were created on computer prior to recent speculations re: primordial 4-mouthed wormholes scaring the willies out of poor old Ezekiel in the not too distant future, uhh... past.

[Note: see Tony Smith's site: http://www.tony5m17h.net/worm4holes.html ].
Quoting Saul Paul Sirag:

"There's been some speculation that the Ezekiel vision was of what we today would call a flying saucer. In other words, an object of advanced technology.
It's hard to know one way or another, but I've been wondering if it was not a time machine of some sort. Recently in Physical Review Abstracts (D 15 March 1974) there was a report [by Frank Tipler] of the possibility of time travel by means of a rotating cylinder. It would be odd if we were to go in such a time machine to visit Ezekiel's time and place. We could do this, because we know the day he saw his vision, since he carefully recorded the time (a date equivalent to July 5, 592 BCE give or take a day) and place. It would be odd if in doing this -- to have a peek at Ezekiel's vision it turned out that what Ezekiel saw was just us in our time machine trying to have a peek at his vision."
-- Saul-Paul Sirag (May 1974)
See also: warpdrive

Quad4: In a word: Symmetry. That and... well, once upon a time, in a universe far far away (and a very long time, hence), it was found that "FOUR" had archetypal qualities which repeated often in myriad ways, forms and processes. "Quad4" was one of those images that evolved from previous images, and all the components of the previous images had likewise evolved from even earlier images. All the various parts were focused in one way or another on the aesthetics of capturing elements of meaning, structure, symbol, and the beloved "unknown", as elicited randomly thru the highly geometric aspects of computer imaging. My creative mind (which is wiser than my smart ass mind) perceived four beings emerging from four openings connected at some common "dimensionally-focused" point of creation. The four beings (two sets of opposite poles, mirrored) struck me as being conscious creative entities both responsible for the 4 mouthed artifact and a product of it. I had "wormhole" in mind when I had drawn it....
A retro synaesthetic complementarity apprehension wrought of a creative impulse from a mental realm of raw forms and data. Symmetry operating asymmetrically across myriad planes and time-frames. Consciousness apprehends and appreciates various forms of both "thoughtlike & rocklike" symmetries and asymmetries. Overlap and atemporal simultaneity is inevitable. Then, of course, there's always spooky coincidences. (Cheshire grin)

An ancient Teutonic warrior/shaman, named Odin or Wotan, ties himself to an ash tree for nine nights. In the course of his ordeal, his mind spins off into some state where he apprehends a series of "magical" glyphs which later generations develop for writing purposes: Runes.

1953: J. D. Watson and F. H. C. Crick propose a model for DNA comprised of two helically intertwined chains tied together by hydrogen bonds between the purines and pyrimidines. Rosalind Franklin's x-ray crystallography notwithstanding, was it Watson or Crick who had the dream or intuition about spiral staircases, or was it snakes??

Unrelated: How old exactly is that medical caduceus symbol of the double helix: snakes entwined around a feathered wand?


Interesting how wrong information gets stuck in the whirling databases of semi-congealed MindGlands!


Kekule's Dream:

    "... In 1890, at the 25th anniversary of the benzene structure discovery, Friedrich August Kekule, a German chemist, reminisced about his major accomplishments and told of two dreams that he had at key moments of his work. In his first dream, in 1865, he saw atoms dance around and link to one another. He awakened and immediately began to sketch what he saw in his dream. Later, Kekule had another dream, in which he saw atoms dance around, then form themselves into strings, moving about in a snake-like fashion. This vision continued until the snake of atoms formed itself into an image of a snake eating its own tail. This dream gave Kekule the idea of the cyclic structure of benzene. ..." ChemDoodle


    "... On February 21, 1953, Watson had the key insight. He recognized how two pairs of complementary bases (adenine-thymine and guanine-cytosine) would have identical shapes if held together by hydrogen bonds. Two long chains of such base pairs would likely form a double helix -- roughly, the shape of an enormously long, winding, doubled-railed staircase. The DNA molecule, comprised of long strands of such base pairs in specific and varied sequences, could embed genetic information that, if the strands were separated, could be copied." GenomeNewsNetwork


In terms of basic human sentient awareness, actively and energetically attempting to apprehend "forms" which suggest themselves in the creative mode of concocting aesthetically interesting arrangements of images (images simultaneously created in the mind's eye and in physical reality) 'with' the assistance of a computer, one could easily suggest that work on the graphic imagery of Quad4 opened a "perceptual door" in the collective morphogenetic field, thereby allowing a first precedent to be set.

The point here being that the mental effort required to actively allow "Quad4" to manifest to my creative mind "generated" the possible future reality which manifested as a synchronicity in the theoretical quantum 4-mouthed "beastie" certain physicists and other lunatics have explored.

What I'm saying is that, like Plato's "forms", there are certain ideal arrangements of mental imagery which when apprehended by sentience (with the assistance of a brain configured according to certain universal structural themes) common features of order will repeat, even across apparently disparate disciplines of thought. Almost archetypally, whether it is a topological series of equations, a fanciful yet internally consistent architecture, geometry, stories, myths, interpersonal interactions, history, or the evolution of a universe, repetition of matrices will occur and reoccur. In the case of my graphic: "Quad4" and quadruple- manifold wormhole singularity, "reversal of the arrow of time" isn't required. It all depends on how one wishes to "spin it".

What happens if you remove all "knee-jerk" ego reactions from ALL the equations, and simply let the forms present themselves?

Read the 'attached'archaic bit of primitive prose:
"The Long Walk."



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