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The Tower

The embattled wanderer, weary from myriad campaigns, finding himself still intact - to his own astonishment - careening along a fogbanked edge in a desolate realm, sought sanctuary in the gutted remains of an abandoned control tower.
A lonely edifice on the outer edges of a forgotten hell; a temporary shelter, once a vital hub of sentient fare, now a relic to an ancient world whose boundaries were lost amid the enveloping fog. If the tower could speak, it would endlessly repeat like a warning beacon:

"Do Not Come Here..."

Climbing the hollow shaft along cables and lifts no more, the wanderer forced an entrance to the control room, and exhausted collapsed in a chair to sleep an eternity and dream past wars.

An age transpired, release a bitter hope, fraught peril a woven web - spider wisdom: a mind nudging flicker caught in the corner of his sleep fed eye. A green geometry of light and line matrix announcing a faint degree of life in the machine of the still functional tower.

A lightship traversing the darkness had veered ever so slightly off course and entered the event horizon of the fogbanked edge. Invisible to naked eye, the singularity at ship's core did activate the tower's soul.
The wanderer gazed at the 3D screen and mused wistfully over the voiceprint patterns of introscope design and was momentarily touched by the craft's impression upon the hidden circuitry relayed by the phosphorous green glow.

Reflecting on his weariness and own lost sojourns, the wanderer, being one slow to learn the deeper lessons and methodical when predisposed, considered an act of unconditional love in a meaningless zone.

A chance rotation brought the wanderer to this spot to act as random guardian and messenger at the gate of a particular entrance to a circle of the abyss not meant for certain ships of a greater potential and destiny.

Insignificant in precise parameters but still a functional act by the solitary control tower and its chance inhabitant, an ever so subtle course correction was transmitted to the hidden lightship invisible in fogbanked stellar darkness. One external computer speaking to another external computer; a transmission of nearly conscious bits was thus relayed.

The wanderer's error was in letting the ship's ambient imprint play its green light magic upon his wounded heart, better left impartial to such musings of random sentience coursing through another realm. Veteran though, he managed his own course correction in a timely fashion despite the familiar recoil effect of which he knew so well within himself and learned to endure.

Disengaging the beacon, he completed the act, disconnected the machines and restored his own endless dream amid the tower and the fog.

Destiny is character is destiny, and nothing plays a part.

[370 x 516 Retro-Hybrid Image ] SCALAR

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