Quetzald-MT's Act-260x400 SCALAR

[Excerpts from: SCALAR
(August 22, 1990 - July 11, 1992) by MT]

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- It Came Out Of The Tanks -

"The Complex, in spite of itself, slipped up.
Or did it? ....Weird... An anomalous mutation appeared in the midst of the population. Its emergence from the hatchery is an enigma."

    "...The Scalar Field, a sea of information.
What was the term used in the ancient texts he
once perused in his youth? Morphogenetic Fields?
Something like that. It was claimed by all reasonable investigators to be an archaic, debunked theory.
    The Sea of Information:
indetectable to all instrumentation except consciousness itself. A passing, mystical fad, but now he was not so certain..."

    "...Sitting there with her back against an assortment
of convoluted tubing and riotous geometry, she experimented with the simsuit beneath her protective garb to see what she could pick up.
Still, nothing happened.

    "After awhile, what she was awaiting seemed to become a question that curiously stopped imposing itself upon her mind. It was when she deactivated all her external circuitry thatthe clear light of the scalar ignited.

"And she saw:

'In recollection all former births passed before her eyes. Born in such a place, of such a name, and downwards to her
present birth, so through hundreds, thousands, myriads, all her births and deaths she knew.

    "She cried. She laughed. She disappeared."

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