How Wide Is NOW?

The past is an illusion, a memory existing only in the now, not some re-accessible realm where those who delude themselves, and others, with reversible back action time travel schemes will find alleviation or escape from mental paradox.   MT 2012

How Wide Is NOW?


  Prof. Hawking recently said that Time Travel was only possible to the future, because Time Travel to the past is fraught with paradox. He used the example of a man who builds a time machine that takes him back in time 2 minutes before he 'steps into the time machine.' If he subsequently 'prevents' the man that is his 'past self' from stepping into the time machine, then the man who does the time traveling cannot possibly be there to perform this action. Paradox.

Dismissing this paradox, some people invoke Igor Novikov's self-consistency principle, and his 'closed timelike curve' (CTC) hypothesis to accommodate a convoluted attempt at minimizing paradox via absurdist, tortured concoctions of wishful thinking in an attempt to evade the simultaneously unsatisfying and wildly intriguing notion of paradox-avoiding bifurcating-timelines, replacing it with an equally troubling contortionist's appeal to 'closed timelike curves' -- (as long as they meet highly specific non-disruptive parameters that curve in on themselves. Sort of like P.D. Ouspensky's old theory of 'Eternal Recurrence' whose ancestor was Metempsychosis -- similar to Reincarnation, only closed in an eternal loop -- which ties in a bit with notions regarding free will, and/or its complete impossibility in its current evolutionary, illusory form...)

Anyway, 'closed timelike curves' sound like 'bifurcated timelines' to me, except for the isolated reality requirement inherent to their fanciful equilibrium.

In any event, CTCs (and Wormholes) notwithstanding, Hawking admits that although time travel to the past is impossible, time travel to the future is easily done. Simply approach the speed of light, and as your clocks slow down, relative to the outside, the reality outside speeds up. Balance is compensated with relativity in space-time. To be fair, Prof. Hawking did not mention the notion of parallel realities and bifurcating timelines. The 'Parallel Universe' hypothesis is one of the few theories that simulates time travel to the past, but the illusion of 'past' time travel is compensated for by leaving the timeline altogether; so, technically, the past is an illusion, merely another parallel reality not within the timeline in which you started. In other words, the only way to travel backwards is to jump onto an entirely different timeline which creates the illusion of traveling backwards. The arrow of time is not violated, and you lose track of your original timeline, existing thereafter in a parallel, seemingly 'past' timeline (assuming the reality isn't completely divergent!) At its core, 'time' really is illusory. Einstein said it didn't really exist, but was a human cognitive construct. All we ever really know is now. We can only travel in the now, creating various illusions along the way.

I guess that wonderful notion of 'us' jumping into a time machine to take a look at what Ezekiel saw way back when and realizing he saw us in our time machine, was really less about going backwards and more about going SIDEWAYS onto a parallel track where a parallel Ezekiel existed contemporaneously with 'us.' Hmmmm... Quoting Saul Paul Sirag:

"There's been some speculation that the Ezekiel vision was of what we today would call a flying saucer. In other words, an object of advanced technology. It's hard to know one way or another, but I've been wondering if it was not a time machine of some sort. Recently in Physical Review Abstracts (D 15 March 1974) there was a report [by Frank Tipler] of the possibility of time travel by means of a rotating cylinder. It would be odd if we were to go in such a time machine to visit Ezekiel's time and place. We could do this, because we know the day he saw his vision, since he carefully recorded the time (a date equivalent to July 5, 592 BCE give or take a day) and place. It would be odd if in doing this -- to have a peek at Ezekiel's vision it turned out that what Ezekiel saw was just us in our time machine trying to have a peek at his vision."
    -- Saul-Paul Sirag (May 1974)
    So, in a Multiverse, given a near infinite number of earths, (and Ezekiels), e.g. Earth Prime, Earth^2, Earth^3, Earth^4... all at various waveform manifestations with separate timelines, we could conceivably convince ourselves of all sorts of possibilities as they might apply to the illusory nature of time travel. Perhaps we'll figure this all out, in time...? AND...

The curiosity of 'entropy,' light speed, time dilation, etc., according to relativity, quite proven by GPS satellite's onboard clocks slightly out of phase with earth surface clocks, and a myriad of other cosmological, quantum mechanical, anti-intuitive shenanigans, verified; time travel, apparently, is limited to future travel only... Curiouser and curiouser, however, the speed of light is, yea verily, limited to approx. 186,000 miles per second in 'SPACE' - lovely inflating invisible space, created, it seems, following the inflationary big bang dohicky, inflating, by the way, FASTER than the speed of light! Is that not interesting? That space itself may expand faster than the speed of light, while the light within the superluminal inflation of space maintains its photonic speed limit! (If space is generated by Dark Energy, which is the current view, then space isn't so much expanding or inflating as it is exponentially increasing. A strange, subtle difference).
Therefore, if one could perhaps circumvent 'space,' one could circumvent the speed of light? Definitely not a technology for beginner fire apes. Seeya 'round the mountain!
"When She Comes...
      She'll be Riding 6 White Horses,
      She'll be Riding 6 White Horses,
      She'll be Riding 6 White Horses,
"When She Comes... "
  Which reminds me of the blood curdling gargoyles stationed at the portal to the pylons of the Temple of Cool Stuff specifically designed to occupy and derange the minds of barely evolved primates in search of specificity and shiny things. It gives them something to gnash their teeth and shiver their timbers over on the way toward relative enlightenment and non attachment to such things as temples, gargoyles, monkeys, horse-power, artificial intelligence, hyper-conspiratorial gyrations of an anti-critical thinking mode, and other amusements of a lucidly dreaming collective.
Then again... No matter... Never mind...

      A reverse-engineered illustration of You-Know-Who's 'Back-Acting Dark Energy from the Future' hypothesis, multidimensionally, (also sardonically), suggesting that if You-Know-Who's head enters one portal, it just may paradoxically reappear trans-temporally from without another portal...

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