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For Your Records: [6/21/2009 to 6/25/2009], (for now)...
The Whole Edited Together Account Of MT's Very Weird
Excellent Paranoid Adventure With Obnoxious Little
'Sky People' Getting Their Multidimensional Rocks Off
At '[...]' Inducing A Phenomenological Counter-Intuitive


SPIRIT STONES? *   Summer Solstice 2009, California

This is a true story, it just happened. What do you think?

    Summer Solstice 2009, from around 3:30 am to 4:00 am,
apparently following a vertical trajectory, stones fell
on several houses in my neighborhood. The stones did not
fall randomly into the street or yards but seemed to hit
roofs only, bouncing off and rolling on the ground, where
they could be observed as average, rounded gravel stones
a couple inches in diameter. (Some are larger). This has
happened several nights in a row around the same time.
Originally it was believed that raccoons were the cause
of the loud bangs on the rooftops; but the other night,
I stood on the street at exactly 3:30 am with a flashlight
to see if I could spot the culprits in action. Moments later,
(approx. 3:33 am) it became obvious that rocks were hitting
first my roof, then the next door neighbor's roof, and then
across the street, two houses up. Police were called.
They arrived at around 4:00 am, heard one stone fall,
announced on their squad car's loudspeaker to 'stop
throwing rocks,' and 'they could be shot.' The police then
advised me to return indoors. The street where I live is
surrounded by adjacent homes on a higher ridge where the
stones could have originated. The police patrolled those
other streets but could not find the person or persons
responsible for the strange, well aimed series of
launched stones.
So far, this is still a weird mystery, presumably with
a prosaic, mischievous explanation, but time will tell,
or not... Sincerely, Mark Thornally - California, USA
--MT   [Sunday, 21 June, 2009]
    Intercepted Transmission 1977-1995-2013

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> > >> From: Melissa
> > >> Sent: Jun 21, 2009 11:18 PM
> > >> To: 'MT'
> > >> Subject: RE: SPIRIT STONES? Summer Solstice 2009, California
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> > >> It all sounds very interesting and a little spooky...
> > >>
> > >> We at JAG films are just preparing our marketing campaign
> > >> for the documentary spirit stones, as it is due to air on
> > >> Australian television on the 9th July.
> > >>
> > >> A wonder if there is any connection?!
> > >>
> > >> Let me know if these incidents happen again... do you have
> > >> a local paper? Maybe you could write to them about it?
> > >> Would love to have a copy of the article if one does get written...
> > >>
> > >> Melissa Lowe
> > >> Production Manager
> > >>
> > >>   ph: (08) 9758 7404
> > >>
> > >>
> > >> Please take this opportunity to check out our new website
> > >> for the Spirit Stones documentary
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> > MT wrote:
> > >
> > > Melissa,
> > > Thanks for the quick reply. Tonight is the big
> > > test to see if the show of police last night will
> > > deter the event from ever happening again. I will be
> > > watching closely. I found your site in my search for
> > > bizarre "falling stones" stories, and will investigate
> > > your interesting film work at a later time. I appreciate
> > > your suggestion re: local paper, and will see how this
> > > unfolds. I will certainly inform you. Hard Hat Area!
> > > Best, MT - 8:33 P.M. Local California time, 21-June-09
> > >
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As of Monday, June 22, 2009, the early morning
rain of precisely aimed stones has apparently
stopped, for now. The previous morning's arrival
of cops with loudspeakers, their search of the
immediate vicinity, and the subsequent notifying
of neighbors that falling rocks were indeed the
noisy culprits, not raccoons, squirrels or deer;
as well as the sharing of the phone number to
contact the police directly, clearly all had
suppressing effects on the motivating factors
behind the great stone drop from above. If indeed
vandals were responsible, their proficiency in
aiming a series of stones, in sequence, to one roof,
then another, then another, rapidly changing
direction to a different house across the street
without randomly hitting the street, is impressive.
As far as I know, there are no broken windows,
although, a hairline-fractured windshield on a car
parked in my driveway directly under the roof's edge,
may have sustained damage from a rock rolling or
bouncing off the roof. One obvious explanation is,
of course, that at least two fiendishly clever
individuals with slingshots or other devices,
excellent aim, quick reflexes, and a pile of small,
dark gray river rocks, found dangerous amusement in
the wee hours before dawn by hurling stones at
houses of the sleeping, knowing that suddenly
awakening from a deep sleep would confuse perception.
And of course, another explanation is no explanation
at all! As of now, my two cerebral brain hemisphere
are in debate.
My left hemisphere has mapped out all the rational
data: trajectories, telemetry, propulsion, aim, speed,
night vision, street lights, teenage angst - 'stoned'
or otherwise - ability to elude detection, consistency
without repetition over several nights, subtle
malicious willfulness, and extreme risk, all have
clear, mathematical parameters.
My right hemisphere, however, acknowledges the
undifferentiated field of embedded consciousness in
a seemingly real material universe where unexplained
phenomena of a rock-solid-nature might occasionally
tune up a random bit of anomalous data collectively
expedited upon our evolving experiential mindscreens.
Or, as my left hemisphere might put it:

[NOTE: Quote: "An eigenstate is one of the many
possible states which may exist prior to quantum
decoherence. According to quantum mechanics,
a particle such as a photon, aimed at a mirror at
a 45 degree angle, does not take the single path
which is described by classical physics.
In actuality, the particle takes every possible
path off of the mirror. Each of those potential
paths is an eigenstate. Once a conscious
observer looks at this system, the particle
'decides' which path it is going to take,
and that eigenstate ends up being the one
that is perceived." ]

My left hemisphere doesn't really like this pseudo
non-explanation very much, preferring exact math,
precise language, and symbolic psychology over the
right hemisphere's fuzzy observer/participant
quantum entanglement undifferentiated euphoria.

And yet, the stones fell. If I hadn't stood in the
middle of the street that summer solstice morning
and watched them fall, I wouldn't have believed
any explanation other than vandalism. And, oddly
enough, I never once felt any danger of being hit,
standing there, watching, amazed, not so much by
one house being hit, but the orchestration and
mobility of intent behind the mind(s) ability to
exceed chance in such a presumptuously arrogant,
and precise manner. Weird! Soaring Rocks Can Kill!

This would be a lot less weird if it wasn't for the
enormous historical precedent for unexplained
phenomena of a 'spirit stones' nature.
What's your explanation of choice?!
  Sincerely, Mark Thornally - 2:44 PM
  --MT   - 22 June, 2009

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> Melissa wrote:
> >
> > It was covered extensively in Australian papers over
> > the 50's, and scientists, and policeman all tried to
> > solve the mystery, but still to this day there is no
> > scientific explanation for the falling stones, I have
> > attached a synopsis of our documentary, which finally
> > offers an alternative explanation.
> >
> > If you are interested in purchasing a dvd please let
> > me know, you can only purchase one through us.
> > It costs $38 AUD, plus postage.
> >
> > Melissa Lowe
> > Production Manager
> >
> > ph: (08) 9758 7404
> >

* SYNOPSIS [ of documentary: 'Spirit Stones' ]

        Spirit Stones reveals the phenomenal events
        of the 1940s and 1950s in the south-west of
        Western Australia, when stones fell for hours,
        days and weeks.
        Through intimate storytelling, the eye-witnesses
        reignite their memories of these sometimes scary
        events and we are invited into a world we can
        rarely go.
        In a truly contemporary history, Noongar Elders
        reflect on the social and environmental conditions
        at the time of the falling stones to make meaning
        of the past and claim connection with these events
        and their country.
        The stones came through roofs, tents, walls and
        tables without leaving holes.
        Sometimes warm or hot, they travelled in peculiar
        directions. The telling of these occurrences
        challenges our need for both logic and proof,
        increasing our affinity and appreciation of
        Indigenous cultural life. Some say it was the
        "little people" who did it. Today there is
        still no scientific explanation.
        Exquisite filming, stunning image sequences,
        and a breathtaking soundscape create a unique
        connection with the environment and highlights
        the beauty and spirit of the Australian landscape.

- - - -=o) - - - -=o) - - - -=o)

Date: Tuesday, 23 June 2009


I think I should go hang out with the Noongar Elders.

My experience is just 'normal' enough to not entirely
rule out a 'normal' explanation for the event. I will
always seek a scientific, rational solution to outre'
events, be they subjective or objective, and the weirder
the event, the more desperately I will look for the
mundane cause and effect. Otherwise, pandora's box of
crazy, tight rope walking, stone juggling jesters, over
an unfathomable abyss becomes the hurtling raw, chilling
'norm' without a safety net of soothing continuity.
Case in point, there's enough weirdness in 'my event'
to have me suspending judgement. If you look at my site,
you'll see vestiges of a psyche not unfamiliar with
thinking outside the crumbling box of cracker jacks.
My ego tells me 'my event' was tailor made just for me,
even if it was caused by unruly adolescent humans on
summer vacation, as I am uniquely positioned [ego] to
truly appreciate the sheer oddity of it, on many
simultaneous levels: standing in the street at 3:30 am,
calling the cops when realizing raccoons are hardly the
answer, and looking at the various historical angles of,
yes, rocks in flight, e.g. Spirit Stones.
So... I've managed to freak myself out a bit.
Went to the coast today to wander amid the incoming tide
against the rocks and cliff to contemplate this
recent, ancient, mundane, mysterious phenomenon.
I have never seen a UFO, but can understand those who
have, and wished they had not. Anything that disturbs
one's safe 'sleep' without providing a convenient
replacement for that sleep induces an evolutionary
irritant to one's well being. Presumably...
[As I typed this, I heard a rock hit the roof,
went outside, heard a rock hit a distant roof,
noticed a neighbor down the street in a robe
looking around... perplexing. Do I call the cops
again now, or wait for more intense activity?]
I need to stop. I'll order your DVD in the near
future. Seriously, signing off for now, with apologies
for verbosity and confusion. --MT 12:03 AM, 23 June '09

Continuing... Okay, called the cops, AGAIN.
At least this time a neighbor came over to
talk to cop and me about all the freaking
rocks hitting HIS roof. Naturally, the cop
suspects kids on the higher house line, which
of course it must be that, right? Highly motivated
kids with great aim and an appreciation for distance
and accuracy. I'm resigned to it being kids (even though
I've heard 'roof hits' in the distance immediately after
nearby hits, and all that I've already described is highly
unusual, but then that's how cognitive dissonance works,
as well as superstitious non-scientific true believing,
and/or magical thinking. Rocks do not fall out of the sky
exclusively on houses, and the one's that do tend to burn
up in the atmospheric friction long before impact. Damn kids!
Hmmm... In any event, the Noogar Elders describe: "The stones
came through roofs, tents, walls and tables without leaving holes."
Okay, when that starts happening around here, I'll make sure you're
the first to know. I won't even bother the cops.
Thanks for riding along with me on this. I'll leave you alone now,
and order your dvd. Will check site for ordering info, etc.,
although; am reluctant to use credit card. Do you plan on an connection in the future? Good luck with Spirit Stones.
Take care. Watch out for what you wish for,
and always honor the sky, land, and consciousness.
Mark 1:15 AM, June 23, 2009, KALIphornia
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| Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 01:45:57 -0400 (EDT)
| From: MT
| To: PG   ******
| Subject: [Beware 0f Falling Rock] Re: The Latest -
| Re: [UPDATE] Re: SPIRIT STONES? Summer Solstice 2009, California

X Chromosome Sibling,   PG wrote:
> Oh WOW...totally the little people possibility.
> Sounds like the rocks are for drainage...culvert size drainage.

Yeah, they're pretty common, smooth, rounded, you see them
along dirt roads, in the hills, by the reservoir, as being
indigenous to the geology, dark grey, very consistent, some
are scary big, none are tiny. Smooth, round LoveEggs from
bored Ultraterrestrials with nothing better to do than freak
out bored Earth Humans with nothing better to do either!

> Homeless people living in a culvert up there somewhere...who
> are extremely talented when it comes to rock propulsion?

If you can picture the surrounding terrain above The [HOUSE],
you'll realize that no way anyone could hang out up there undetected
by all the fancy home owners, then more than one person would have
to be incredibly accurate to hit only roofs, in the dark (except, from
their hypothetical vantage, for a couple street lights below), and then
never break a window, move from house to house without a clear
point of view if stationary. All in the middle of the night when most
people are sleeping, in deep REM patterns, when DMT is most active
in the brain. Also, I now realize that this has been going on for a lot
longer than a week. The loquat tree has had fruit for over a month,
so, late at night, whenever I heard a loud bang on the roof, I assumed
raccoons were jumping from the tree to the house, dropping fruit
along their way to other houses & roofs. Nope. It has been rocks falling.
I cannot stress enough how weird it was to stand in the street with a
flashlight, expecting to see raccoons on the roof, only to see several
rocks hit [... my ...] roof, then like hail, hit the next door neighbor's
on the down side of the hill. Then, three houses up, on the upside of
the hill ACROSS THE STREET. Freaking weird to say the least. Twice now
cops were called, by me. At least now I feel better about the neighbor
coroborating my story to the last cop, that excludes me from the
'Lone Nut Theory' if I have to call again!!!

> Maybe a rocket scientist? Sounds like the hits are happening earlier.

Yeah, last night right after midnight: a big 'pop' as the roof is hit,
then a thud as the rock falls off onto the ground, then a smaller rock,
then the next door neighbor's roof. Not as many as before, and I gave
one of the rocks to the cop, and showed him and the neighbor [THE CAR'S]
cracked windshield. Before that, I could have sworn I heard distant 'pops'
on distant roofs. Perhaps my reality filter is oscillating?!

> And how very odd that the activity is heard at a distance too.
> start seeing rocks in the house, and/or getting
> more hits, call me. You might want to get out of there, not stay
> there alone, come here when your ready.
> Me

Thank you! I feel duty bound to stay and Witness as a good WATCHER!
No doubt, this will all have a very unsatisfying conclusion, either
a team of toasted teens, or the ever lovable: 'unexplained phenomenon'
category... stay tuned! --Love Mark, 10:15 PM, Tues., June 23, 2009

P.S. Since quantum mechanics tells us that there is no such
thing as solid matter, except in the waking dreams of conscious
beings, then anything is not only possible, but probable. Do Wha!

P.P.S. I'm going to see if I can get an international postal
money order tomorrow to buy that 'DVD' from the Australians:


PO Box 53
Margaret River
WA, 6285

Melissa Lowe
Production Manager

  ph: (08) 9758 7404

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| Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 13:49:46 -0400 (EDT)
| From: MT
| To: Melissa
| Subject: (USPS & IMOs) RE: [CASH?] Re: Cont. ...$$??

The United States Postal Service [USPS]
does not issue 'International Money Orders'
for Australia, but they do issue them for:
Albania, Guinea, and Sierra Leone...[!]
(among several other countries, including Canada) see:
Australia must know something these other
countries don't about IMO's printed in the US!
This leaves, probably, going through a financial
institution called a bank? Have you ever heard
of these? Isn't that where rocks are stored?!
I will see your film, eventually... perhaps one day
while sunning myself in a domed enclosure on the
Martian surface during a neuro-holographic retrospective
of early Twentieth Century Earth documentaries about
Ultraterrestrial Prankster's obsession with all things
ROCK SOLID. --MT - Wednesday, 24|June|09, 10:50 AM

P.S. In closing, it was quiet last night.
I would just as soon not have any more rocks in mid air
crash into roof tops. However, whether it is finished or not
or even satisfactorily solved, if the experience had a silver
lining it was this: the night's great mystery has been somewhat
restored. To quietly, slowly, wander in the late night, outside
darkness, ears tuned to the slightest sound, senses awake,
mindful, ready, tensed for any eventuality is a state of mind
and body that I have no doubt your Noongar Elders live for
and know very well.


Just finished reading: 'Wesley The Owl' by Stacey O'Brien
And: 'My Stroke of Insight-A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey'
by Jill Bolte Taylor
Two great books that compliment each other, and have much to say
about communications between highly different forms of sentience...


25|June|09 - 2:13 PM

voice across the street waaay up on the next street talking
all night, quietly, but past 4 AM. Only audible outside,
so no bother. (Probably older teens or 20-somethings on break).
I know the first set of cops checked that street out, shining
their lights into yards; as I overheard a woman telling a
neighbor about it next afternoon (June 21, Solstice). And then
the second cop, on a subsequent 'visit' checked out the street
above our back yard, which now seems the most likely point of
origin. Ran into the next door neighbor, pre-sunset, last night
as he was coming home from work and I was leaving. He described
seeing the last cop (the one we both spoke with) shining lights
on the street above the backyard. We talked some more about
the first impression of raccoons. He heard a really loud bang
on his stucco wall one night. It really is amazing that no
windows were shattered. He described HIS neighbor thinking the
loud bang that woke him up one night to be an earthquake.
The neighbor I was talking with now thinks maybe an older guy,
possibly on meth, (to be awake all night), using a slingshot is
a probable solution. My sense is that the more time that goes
by without a return of the hits, the more easily explained and
ordinary it will become. The brain's ability to categorize, fill
in the blanks, exclude divergent data from a normal perception.
And yet, how could it possibly be anything other than a normal,
obnoxious event? Seriously. And yet... and yet... at the time,
IT WAS SO FREAKING WEIRD! And something I forgot;
I never heard any dogs barking during the rock hits. In this
neighborhood packed with noisy dogs, that's an interesting tidbit.
So, I will take the event as a probable ordinary act of prankster
vandalism, but with a component of transcendant weirdness
communicating a message through the vehicle of people and/or
unknown forces... JUST FOR ME BECAUSE MY EGO IS
POOKAH!   "What in the hell is a pooka?" you ask!
Well to quote the late great R.A.W.:

Robert Anton Wilson wrote:

  "As Thomas Huxley said, the universe acts
a lot like a chess game in which the player
on the other side remains invisible to us.
By analyzing the moves, we try to form an
image of the intellect behind them.
  Images that have seemed almost believable
to me at various times have included the
gods and goddesses of ancient Greece (if you
develop a Classic Poetry habit, that kind of
neurolinguistic programming can happen...)
and also, of course, those extra-terrestrials
who have so much popularity these days.
  I have also considered the player on the
other side as more impersonal, like the Tao,
or more bizarre, like Shiva Dancing, or more
abstract, like Philip K. Dick's Vast Active
Living Information System (VALIS.)
  Mostly, though I think of the player on the
other side as a pookah -- a resident of Ireland,
in rabbit form, who may at any time dump a
truckload of the Unknown and Inexplicable right
on your doorstep." --Robert Anton Wilson

[ See also:
and also:   ]

Apparently 'MT' got the stoned, fiercely
determined, violent aspect of the 'Pookah.'
A kinder, gentler variation is depicted
in that old Jimmy Stewart film, 'HARVEY.'
There's a 'Pooka' in the movie that is
never actually seen, except in a painting.
Great movie. Rent it!


A Canadian, with a uniquely wired brain
that I've communicated with off and on
for years and created many pages on my
website with and for...

...had this to say about it:

  __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
| Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 03:39:53 -0600
| From: Gary Gene Ford
| To: MT

Thanks, Markoid Distoid!.

Dead Tired, Swollen Legged, Ulcerated,
Pained, Confused, Scratching my Head,
I read it but did not yet become stoned.

Could it be Albert Einstein and Charles Hoy Fort
combining forces from "the Other Side" to teach
your Neighborhood some incredible, hard2decipher,
Crop-Circle-Like Hyper Farric Lesson?


On the Night, They Fall,
Without Clear intent, we recall:
Crawling through the bushes
At the Rough Edges of Our
we FEAR to Hear the Awful
TRUTH come raining down:
Like a Rock: Plop!

It is JESUS Challenging You 2

Gary "Light of the Under World"   /
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __


[ I will just add here that I was in a very intense
communication with a woman in Florida (late March '09
to early May '09) who felt she had a possible previous
incarnation as EDGAR CAYCE, or was somehow deeply
connected with CAYCE. The intensity of the communications
was of such a nature that I'm still absorbing its impact.
(No pun intended). She is a fledgling author, who I
presumed to 'help,' artistically speaking... A culmination,
of sorts: ]

...And, the OTHER Canadian of
MindGland Glowing emanations
of eclectic gyrations,
Winifred Grace Barton,
had this to say:

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| Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 06:29:20 -0400
| From: Winifred Barton
| To: MT ,
| Subject: Emailing: GOLDPYRAMID.JPG

24 June 2009

For openers:

In my view your stones are a wake up call to "awaken the dead.
We are into a 6 day Nuclear Implosion. On Day One we published
evidence of a tangible life after death scenario with scores of

We each get a tangible message tailored to our own scenario -
apparently into the extremes of negative and positive. The objective
is to get us out of the rut or grave. Iconically; death by stoning a
an ancient practise to check out on web. Some of JC's disciples died this
way - that and female infidels.

To this end the "One God" reveals Itself in North South East and
Western extremes. Odin and Loki are the N. Point in this scenario.

On July 1 it is our Canada Day- "True North strong and free" is
our" nat. anthem. Odin - Loki - Runes - are the Philo connects.
My BMS Corp colours are Black and White. We are taking a look
at the good and bad of us; Canada as a nation; turning a blind
eye to what we see and don't see. The wrongs and rights of us.

? Are yours a funeral pyle or are they singing "Hallelujah" -
This is a good place to begin our investigation. In the western
world we think of Xianity as the top dog - 'cos it wiped out
all them sinful Pagans ... now our past lives are surfacing and
need to be explored -

To this end we get in our little Mind Ship and start going around the
Pyramid - religion - science - philosophy - and PSYCHOLOGY -
'cos Emotional and Spiritual Maturity is the name of the game =
Love - Truth - and Wisdom....

to be continued - wgb
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

  [[ Winifred G. Barton   b. 5.5.1923   in Hackney   E.8.
    Yours, truly and sincerely,
    Senior Citizen   #A 416 943 132 01 - Canada
    WVA Recipient   #6736516
    Royal Canadian Legion   # 7223690
    WWII Army   # W/48607
    World Citizen   #022978 ]]

<> >
<> >
<> >
<> >
<> >
<> >
<> >
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __


See also, Peter Carroll's The Octavo
And, Michael Kawitzky's Cognition Factor

_o\0|O|0/o_ . _o\0|O|0/o_ . _o\0|O|0/o_ . _o\0|O|0/o_

--MT : Thor's Day, 25|June|09 - 2:13 PM - Earth?


Spirit Stones presents an historical Indigenous
story about unexplained phenomena that occurred
in the 1950s across the South West of Western
Australia, when stones fell for hours, days and
weeks. "Jag Films Administrator"

Director of 'Spirit Stones' ...
  "Allan Collins"


The Mystery of the Mayanup Poltergeist
Helen Hack

    In the south west of Western Australia during the
1950s a series of mysterious incidents intrigued
the nation.
Stones and other objects were thrown about or
appeared inside closed rooms and in various other
ways showed scant regard for the laws of physics.
The centre of attention was a part-Aboriginal
family of farm workers.
Intensive investigations of the phenomena by the
farm owners and visitors only heightened the mystery.
This book examines and records the incidents in detail.
Yet the Jannick remains a compelling mystery for
believers and sceptics alike.
ISBN 085905 268 0


Hail of Stones from Nowhere
They rain down on houses and people with no earthly explanation
By Stephen Wagner

  THE CATALOG OF unexplained events includes many strange instances
of stones falling from the sky - or somewhere. Showers of stones,
often from clear skies and in areas where rockslides from mountains
cannot be blamed. Hails of stones pummeling rooftops and people,
often causing damage and injury. Investigations of these events
usually end with unnerved victims and with officials scratching
their heads in puzzlement or, out of desperation, inventing
"explanations" that are sometimes as outlandish as the
events themselves.
Reports of this particular type of mystery go back centuries and
come from all over the world. One of the earliest written accounts
was by Robert Kirk in 1690, who attributed the throwing of
"great stons" to subterranean inhabitants that he called the
"invisible wights." And an unexplained stone-throwing incident that
took place in New Hampshire was recorded in a pamphlet entitled
"Lithobolia, or the Stone-throwing Devil," published in London in 1698.

In some of these bizarre cases, the rain of stones occurs in
connection with other paranormal phenomena, such as a haunting
or poltergeist activity. In the famous Bell Witch haunting of 1817,
which included a host of strange goings-on, neighbors of the
beleaguered Bells were pelted with stones thrown by an unseen entity.

The phenomenon is defined by the inability of investigators to
identify any assailants or vandals, and usually by the lack of
any motive for such an assault. So the questions arise: Where do
these phantom stones come from? Who or what is responsible for
throwing or dropping them? Are there natural explanations for
the phenomenon?


June 2007 - Page 4
Rain of Stones
by May

I do not know the date when this happened nor the year.
This incident was related to me by my father. I estimate
this happened between 1940-1950. This happened in Goa,
now a part of India, formally ruled by the Portuguese.
In the village (situated in the midst of two mountains)
where the young folk were having a party one late
evening, suddenly stones began to rain down on them.
At first they thought they were being attacked by the
local young folk of a neighboring village. So the
"spiritually fortified" brave lads (they were in the
midst of a party) clambered up the hill to find out
who was throwing the stones. When the reached the top
the stones kept coming at them, but they never caught
or saw any one. They ventured into the next village
and found it asleep.

The stones stopped. They never found the culprit.
The young boys came back and found that a young boy
in the house contracted fever during this period,
which only left him when the stones stopped falling.
The same thing happened the next day, while they were
gathered in the same house. Stones kept raining down
on the house and the SAME boy contracted high fever.
The fever left him only when the stones stopped falling.
This time the lads were too scared to venture into the
hills. This incident never happened again. No one ever
found out what the cause was.


Weird Washington
By Jeff Davis, Al Eufrasio, Mark Moran, Mark Sceurman
      "...Mrs. Tipton complained that several rocks had hit
the roof of the house; these rocks seemed to have fallen
vertically, from high above. Captain Charles Crabtree
climbed onto the roof to get a view of the neighborhood.
While he stood there, two rocks landed next to him.
The captain could not tell where they came from.
If a human vandal was behind this scheme, he was
obviously not afraid of the police.
  With that in mind, the police set up stakeouts in the
neighborhood, but the rocks still fell, day and night.
From the end of August to September 6, one hundred
to one hundred and fifty stones fell on the Tiptons' home.
The hail seemed to stop after that, and the police ceased
their surveillance. They never caught a suspect but theorized
that someone in the neighborhood was throwing the stones
with some kind of rocket launcher."
  Others believe that people who are frustrated or angry
are capable of causing psychic reactions like remotely
moving objects, or causing rocks to fly around and
pounding noises to be heard.
  [...]   What was behind the rain of rocks? All we'll ever
know is that this one is truly weird -- and truly unexplained."


MT - Intercepted Transmission 1977-1995-2013

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