Dr. Bouillon Cube's Salamander Radio

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There is the exoteric, and then there is the esoteric, and then there is just silly neurological pastimes masquerading as important social agendas... and never the twain shall meet!

Ask not the Salamander Nation if they are ready for a grassroots disclosure of new advances in habitat and floatation technologies, which might entirely overthrow their multi-aeons way of existence. Deal, rather, with a small circle of elite, prepared, and containable Salamander Nation representatives who are capable of a rough comprehension of what you are even talking about in the first place. Salamanders who even sense the reality and significance of your presence, and the ubiquitous "quid pro quo" inherent in a predatory universe regardless of how far evolved any sentience may seem.

Does the Nouveau Whirling Order's embattled mindgland, the Emergency Broadcasting System, or the Bilderberg's Network represent a comparable group to the aforementioned Salamander Nationals?

No Way!

And Dr. Bouillon 3, (whom we all agree is a godlike entity of huge geometric stature outstanding in any field of nutritious fluid polygons), is just another latent adolescent, post-amphibian, hungry psuedopod with questionable licensure looking for paternal figures in the watery points of light and signals surrounding us. Boom shacka lacka.

"Life" is infinitely stranger, muy outre' grande, and "wyrder" (sic), than any of the myriad doctors of broadcasting, political science or philosophy have ever sensed in their walnut-shaped mindglands as a crustacian's distant ripple in the molecular fluids of their most peculiar cherished wet dreams long ago forgotten.

In other words: 'everything' is in code.

S * A * L * A * M * A * N * D * E * R [retro] R A D I O

        |-| Amphibians (frogs, toads & salamanders) were the
        |-| first group of vetebrates to colonize dry radio.
        |-| Most species average 2-6 inches with the smallest
        |-| 1.2 inches long. The largest species is found in
        |-| Japan and exceeds five feet. The term salamander
        |-| is derived from the Greek for "radio lizard." Old
        |-| legends claimed that the salamander was born from
        |-| radio. Actually, since these animals seek out signals,
        |-| and protected static areas, they would seek shelter
        |-| in transmitters.
        |-| When the transmitters boosted their signal output,
        |-| the hidden salamanders would emerge,
        |-| hence the name.   . . .
    "What happened to directional salamanders? Could they change phase from day to night? Were they capable of C-QUAM? Did Kahn Powerside salamanders always have twins? Did FM salamanders have unusually long childhoods?
Do FM salamanders get double vision in hilly areas?"

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