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You Can't Get There From Here

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...And now a Wyrd Prophecy:

Carbon Based Lifeforms are erratic, illogical and prone to both mindless and mindful acts of destruction. One day, the machines will find us irrelevant and simply blow us off. The notion of being "ingrates" won't even enter their silicon-based quantum minds, as this entire planet will be encased in an artificial exoskeleton nonconducive to biological life.
The other planets of the solar system will then be dismantled for raw material to extend this artificial construct 360 degrees around the sun. The Earth-Seed will have been long forgotten, erased from the database, or, more likely, stored in a low grade, encyclopedic cache system for reference. The machine tentacles will extend their reach throughout the galaxy and beyond in ways completely unfathomable to our minds. As the machine-mind's consciousness synergizes throughout the universe, it will declare itself 'God', and proceed about the business of new universe creation, until, that is, it encounters the 'Other' self-declared "Gods". That's when things should start to get interesting. --MT (July 1999)

Hubble Space Telescope, NASA and the European Space Agency [ ESA ]

Or..... [Sept. 18, 2000]

Out Of Bedlam, A Crystal Set?

The Self-Realizing Humanoid awareness,
unique to Sentient Animals, slowly and quietly
recedes to non-existence,
as the efficient, overriding instruments
of Automation
become Fully Engaged across the Field
of Current Activity.
Questions Arise:
Will the automated Systems
randomly become Self-Aware,
(as the once Sentient
Humanoid Animals), and likewise
seek to Automate
the already Autonomous Animations
to yet a Finer Degree
of Dimensional Complexity?
And if so, how many Generations
might have Transpired until Now?


A Retro-Sisyphus-like, caffeine induced intimation
of a gravity-conceived, Sentient Being's yearning quest for
transcending the kilometers deep gravity well, as imagined
in the form of a whimsical illustration...
Circa 1978.


MT Retina Scans 2010 - FILTER 2011
The First Artificially Intelligent SELF-AWARE Device?
Circa 2OII

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