Your Front Row Seat to Apocalypse

Your Front Row Seat to Apocalypse


    -   Milgram experiment in authority abuse
    -   Milgram's Experiment on Obedience to Authority
    -   Stanford Prison Experiment

    On Monday, 21 November 2011, 21:39:15,
    Gary Gene Ford [1946-2013] wrote:

Greetings Teleomorphic Minds!

To * SHOCK * - Or NOT?!
They want me to BEHAVE.
And, I WANT ... to BEHAVE!

Why do they NEED ME
So Very Very Much?!

Do They, or I hope, or maybe Not,
Even Want me to WANT to Kill?

Kill? Killing? Killing WHOM?!

Such an Intriguing Thrill
I could get - I might - I think ...

Will it get Mother Masters
All the Way to Cloud Nine
In Her Hopes of Heaven?

Today the Old Thoughts I want,
Will have to Simply go away ...
Like Wild Coyotes slinking,
Like UFO-Visions once lurking ...

Then Devolving fast into threads,
Then momentarily to segments,
Then to Points, > POP! < - GONE!

But to WHERE have they gone?

To the Universe Next Door?

Or Out the Ceiling,
Through the Floor?

Come back?!

WHO was that, anyhow? ...
Some 4 pairs of purple arms,
At each quarter circumference,
Each pair at the central purple body
Then bounded, yes, each pair of arms:
By Two Pairs of Small Dark SNAKE EYES!


The Purple WHAT's-It
Took a look at Me!
Whee! - what Ecstasy
To be so watched,
Very Carefully!

So, Do I win, even just ONE?
A Purple Marshmallow,
Now, Then, Friend?

Iowan Idiot - 4 The Swimp

With Apologies for the (x = ?)
Lax-Milgram Theorem!

-=[[ NOTE: The Inevitability of Syndicated
                  Pseudo-Revolutionary Reality TV...
                  Brought to you by New and Improved
                  Non-Lethal PEPPER SPRAY 360!
                  Not Just a Civic Motivator :
                  It's a DESSERT TOPPING!! ]]=-

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