Strings 1978
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Speaking of multidimensional, macrocosmic silly-string-abominable-theories,
    the above image was conceived in the year 1978 ... A couple of decades later,
    sometime during the common era of 1998, "MT" didst scribe the following:
I think I'm starting to get a handle on this quantum physics stuff:

    Ontologically speaking, the Nanomorphic SimUjahedin RetroFlux Field (NSURFF) approach to funky spatial "para-intrapolative" optic recourses to conceptualize the many-sheeted, tightly stretched latex simulacrum, vis a vis, sentient self-modeling, is a lot like multi- helical spaghetti noodles in virtual nonlocal scalar-like, antivectored, totally outre' wyrd (sic) space... don't you think? Has this already been patented by the Germans? Yes; the stochastic, self-perceiving, undifferentiated Q* field (with basins) made me do this, plus, I'm a bit concerned about the unknown future impact the Mujahedin will have on such speculative soliloquies; but, most of all, I felt a "brief & tangential" visual aid might provide a palette cleansing effect - sorta like chewing ginger in-between sushi bites.
Inspiration is the intent.
Do no harm is the guide.
To spatter or not to spatter is the question.
Love is the answer.
Over & Out.     -- MT - [Tue, 14 Jul 1998]


    The Magical Mystical ASCII Missive of Wavey Gravey Eternal Good Luck and Exponentially Expanding Ecstatic Equanimity of Extreme Happiness.

That's the title: "MMAMWGEGLEEEEEH".

Simply by one reading of the "MMAMWGEGLEEEEEH", all your wishes and dreams and goals and hopes and desires and growth-potential-thingamajigs- that-aren't-even-conscious will come to transpirethroughout the rest of your sentient existence. A single reading of the "MMAMWGEGLEEEEEH" and you will be insured forever from ever having to fear, doubt, feel superstitious, or follow the whims of passing notions wrought by random doo-hickies and so on.

This is the "MMAMWGEGLEEEEEH". Read it once, and you will never have to pass on another chain letter [post, meme, email, tweet, or thought-bubble] (unless, 'natch, ya really want to, in which case, hey, be my guest...). One solitary, single reading of the "MMAMWGEGLEEEEEH", and you are FREE! FREE!! FREE!!!

.....And now, the "MMAMWGEGLEEEEEH": (Uh humm...)

"Local coordinates in time and space upon Earth SOL system of nine [8*] planets and asteroid belt numerous comets and other orbiting objects of unknown mass and consistency the Outer two/thirds edge of a spiral galaxy approximately 120,000light years in diameter consisting of a grouped cluster of galaxies numbering in the hundreds of billions all expanding at enormous, accelerating speeds thru an infinite void.
The heart aches, we feel funky. Who am we?
Oh yeah, that's right. Nevermind...
Although we forget the question, we're pretty sure "love" is
the answer.... or something resembling that notion in motion."

Tah Dahhhhhhh!!! Yeah, that was it... whadja expect?! This is magic!

[...Move along now, move along, show's over... nothing to see here]

      [* Pluto was recently demoted to a planetoid]

    -- MT - [Thu, 18 Mar 1999]

  P.S.   Whatever this wackiness has to do with "The Hyper-Cortex of
Human Collective-Intelligence Systems
" is anyone's wild ass guess...


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