Marion Dorothy Elisabeth Ford
Pegasus in Pinfeathers
The Poet

Marion Dorothy Elisabeth Ford
January 21, 1912 - December 21, 1985

Forward: The Poet

I have seen golden tokens in the sky;
I have heard golden voices in the rain,
Voices that whisper low and pass me by,
Voices that scream and wail and will not die,
Voices that sweetly sing of love and pain.

I have heard Master Ocean sing his lay
Of the vast wonders underneath the sea,
Of the great deeds that were, and passed away,
Of the great deeds to come, as well they may,
Of the great deeds that are, as well may be.

I have seen flower-faces lifted, still,
To the enormous space of blue and grey;
I have known gardens and the runes that fill
The old, prophetic forests, ruling, 'til
The juggernaut of Progress sweeps their way.

I have seen nights of fretted jade and pearl;
I have seen lovers' moonlit nights that lean
To loose their satin garments, furl by furl;
I have seen nights of solemn might, that hurl
The challenge that endures to the Unseen.

I have known many of the Magic Things
One scattered in abundance, far and wide,
I have seen beauty that the morning brings;
I have heard beauty when the threstle sings;
I have been one with Things, and naught beside.

I shall know heartbreak, and the pangs that steal
From dreams that fade, and fading, truly tell
Some fragment of law of the ideal;
I must pass mortal woe, and count it weal,
If I may sing it sweetly still, and well.

The Poet  by Betty Ford    Circa: 1925-1929 CE

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