Weird Intelligence^TM via Frequency Modulated Waveform

websitus interruptus

Which reminds me of... the plan by Weird Intelligence™,
to fake an accidental crash in the desert in order to surreptitiously leak a technology just slightly in advance of ours so that our technological development would be accelerated.


We are an individualist type species of sentient hominid and an unspecified threat to the alleged, more ancient hive-mind intelligences (ETs, Inorganic Interdimensional Elves, Flying Humanoid Ranchers, Autonomous Bicameral Brain Tumors, whatever...) monitoring us.


By accelerating our technologies -- which enhance sameness and the grouping of mindsets, particularly via a computer-in-every-home, thereby linking the tiny round heads of this unpredictable bunch of clever hominids -- the path is laid out for keeping the "whole" grouped and controlled by a centrist, mindglossing, input source.

  I see... and how long have you had this, uhm... notion?

This "control" could only be implemented by a critical advance in communications technologies and cybernetics; and, given the huge population explosion, followed by the unanticipated neurological countercultural experiments at a grass roots level, (circa, 1960s-80s C.E.), Weird Intelligence™ pretty much came to the conclusion that the experiment to create unique, isolated simian collectives endowed with archaic, emotional, mutational awareness was not only a surprising success, but an unpredictable "unknown" and a possibly uncontrollable new commodity in lifeform engineering.

  Archaic?! Why archaic?

Therefore, something had to be done, and done quickly before "the experiment" busted out of containment. This meant taking some big time risks to prematurely introduce a technology into our culture which would, through isolationist enhancement, ironically produce a homogenized collective based upon the illusion of an expanded community. The risk was well worth it, bringing a tremendous payoff.

  Are you listening to me?

We are now well situated on the road to generic sameness; and a highly refined "caste-hierarchy-system", with embedded social control elements, is thoroughly in place. Weird Intelligence™ passed a major hurdle and has nothing further to fear from us. We have fully entered into the status of Control Drones, willfully sacrificing all autonomy. Statecraft is dead. Trust is a thing of the past. The illusions and veils are well placed to buffer any and all aberrations in the well-oiled machinery of the carefully choreographed status quo and meticulously designed evolution. We cannot deviate from the prearranged path. We Just Died a Deoxyribonucleic Acid Death brought about by intersociobiological forces from without!
Weird Intelligence™  LOVES US!!

  How very interesting, waitress. Yes, I think I'll try the
  Seafood platter after all. Thanks much! ((Sheeeyit!!))

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Image dedicated to Beloved Silhouette : PJG.
Astral Plane Grid with Whirling Vortices inspired by pre-press dialogues with "Astral Dynamics" author : Robert Bruce

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