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M.A.S.T.E.R. - Martial Arts Students & Teachers Educational Resource.

Here you'll find continually changing (and improving) martial arts information including the following:

  • Life is a Martial Art
    A wonderful collection of stories about learning life's lessons through the martial arts.
  • Informative Pamphlets
    How to Select a Martial Arts School
    20 Ways to Practice Kata
  • Reading List
    Sections include: Aikido, Karate, Zen, Other Martial Arts & Miscellaneous
  • Free Classified Ads
    Place your own For Sale, Wanted, Event Announcement or other ad
  • Martial Arts Links
    Sections include: Aikido, Karate, Other Martial Arts, Journals, Magazines, Newsletters & Books, Chat/Mailiing Lists, Other Interesting Sites and Other Martial Arts Links Pages

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    [Shorin-ryu Karate] [Shudokan Karate]

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