1910 Census from the University Hospital, State University of Iowa,
Iowa City, Iowa

While looking for records on my grandmother, Mable Hemenway Royce, I found a listing in the 1910 Census from the University Hospital, State University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. I have listed the names from that page below. I hope this helps someone else find an ancestor.

The Occupation column, (19), shows "hospital" for each entry; the next column, (20) shows "W" for each entry; column (21) is "No" for each one; column (22) is "0"; column (23) is all "Yes" except for the last one, Bessie Hipps; column (24) is all "Yes" except for the last one, Bessie Hipps; and column (25) is all "Yes" except for the last three: Hattie Vandenberg, Bertha Olsen, and Bessie Hipps.

Name (3)
Relation. (4)
Nesbit, MarySuperintendentF W 32 SCan.English/
Can.English Can.English Nurse
Frott, Lana (or Lona)PupilF W 21 SNebraska Missouri Indiana Nurse
Blessin, MagdalinePupilF W 22 SIowa Ger.German Pennsylvania Nurse
Stahl, Juta A.PupilF W 25 SIowa Iowa IowaNurse
Walleses, RomaPupilF W 27 SIowa Iowa IowaNurse
Winter, SophiaPupilF W 28 SIllinois Ger.German Ger.GermanNurse
Brower, FrancesPupilF W 20 SIowa Ohio OhioNurse
Swan, MariePupilF W 20 SIowa New YorkMinnesotaNurse
Norton, LenaPupilF W 23 SIowa New York Eng.EnglishNurse
Spring, Florence B.PupilF W 26 SIowa New YorkIllinoisNurse
Ward, MarciaPupilF W 30 SIowa Ire.EnglishIre.EnglishNurse
Bayley, Nina B.PupilF W 22 SIowa Iowa IowaNurse
Ferrin, Mable A.PupilF W 22 SIowa Iowa IowaNurse
Lysinger, AmyPupilF W 23 SIowa Ohio IllinoisNurse
Albertson, Una(?)PupilF W 20 SIdaho IllinoisUtahNurse
Holden, NelliePupilF W 20 SIowa New Hampshire IllinoisNurse
Dennler, JosephinePupilF W 22 SIowa Ohio IowaNurse
Knight, Maud E.PupilF W 23 SIowa Ohio IowaNurse
McDonald, FlorencePupilF W 19 SIowa Iowa IowaNurse
Harlenian(?), GoldaPupilF W 23 SIowa Ger.German Ger.GermanNurse
Wirtz, HenriettaPupilF W 22 SIowa Ger.German Ger.GermanNurse
McCall, Gwendolyn A.PupilF W 22 SIowa Tennessee OhioNurse
Janes, Irene R.PupilF W 24 SIowa Wales Welch Wales WelchNurse
Royce, Mable H.PupilF W 21 SIowa Illinois New YorkNurse
Wigir, Eussera(?) E.PupilF W 23 SMinnesota Unknown Nor.NorwegianNurse
Yogel, GorgettaPupilF W 23 SSouth Dakota Ohio MichiganNurse
Salnar, CleoraPupilF W 25 SIowa Pennsylvania KentuckyNurse
Larsen, CarrilPupilF W 23 SIowa Dan.Danish Dan.DanishNurse
Knight, NeandPupilF W 24 SIowa United States United StatesNurse
Dennles, JosephinePupilFW 22 SIowa United States United StatesNurse
Dolmage, George F.PhysicianM W 30 SIowa IowaNew YorkPhysician
Schnuy, GeorgePhysicianM W 24 SIowa Unknown UnknownPhysician
Johnson, Coral R.PupilFW 18 SIowa OhioOhioNurse
Gates, MurielPupilFW 21 SIowa New York IowaNurse
Bartholomew, Flora M.PupilFW 22 SIowa Ohio IowaNurse
Siefert, FernPupilFW 19 SIowa United States United StatesNurse
Hausan, EllenPupilFW 23 SIowa Nor. NorwegianWisconsinNurse
Slater, OrabellaPupilFW 24 SIllinois Illinois Ger. GermanNurse
Haynes, EthelPupilFW 20 SRhode Island United States MassachusettsNurse
Marshall, AnnaPupilFW 29 SIowa Iowa New YorkNurse
Petiz(?), MinniePupilFW 25 SIowa Ger. German Aust. BohemianNurse
Tostlebe, Bertha E.PupilFW 24 SIowa Ger. GermanAust. GermanNurse
Green, Dot. E.PupilFW 26 SIowa IllinoisIllinoisNurse
Stoddard, Netha E.PupilFW 25 SIowa ConnecticutOhioNurse
Burber, MaryServantFW 39 SIowa Unknown UnknownMaid
Collins, MarthaServantFW 39 SIllinois Illinois IllinoisMaid
Janne, MinnieServantFW 33 M
Iowa Aust. Bohemian Aust. BohemianCook
Vandenberg, HattieServantFW 20 SIowa Ohio IowaMaid
Olsen, BerthaServantFW 18 SNor. Norwegian/
Nor. Norwegian Nor. NorwegianServant
Hipps, BessieServantFW 22 SAust. Bohemian/
Aust. Bohemian Aust. BohemianServant

Source: Department of Commerce and Labor Bureau of the Census
Thirteenth Census of the United States: 1910 Population
Iowa City; City University Hospital, State University of Iowa, 1-54; Enumerated by me on the 28th day of April - Hubert H. Hoar, Enumerator.
Sheet no. 20, A, 906