Kleftnobulism in Print

Kleftnobulism, as you may expect, does not have a very flourishing presence in the written word. Most of the literature not written by the Xux himself is utterly lost somewhere on Mars. Since Kleftnobulism is the dominant art of Mars, in a gigantic act of being, Martians de-existed themselves. Presumably, they will return (according to the Xux, their return will indeed increase the Kleftnobulistic Coefficient of the Universe, and is therefore likely to occur at the right time). The only publications to have reached the planet Earth were all produced by the Ulpi Avenue Press.

The Xux was kind enough to allow us into his private library to catalog these volumes. Now, most recently a great fuss developed upon the finding of proto-bacteria on a stone that fell from Mars onto the Antarctic ice. Imagine the press we would get if we could prove that there was once Intelligent Life on Mars, quite a set of philosophers, too. And that, in a cataclysm similar to the appearance of the Martian Fragment on Antarctica, not one but several Martian beings (the Xux and his library the foremost), were delivered to this particular orb.

Here are the titles and approximate publication dates (according to Martian reckoning) of the Xux's various tomes:

For reasons undoubtedly explained by Kleftnobulistic rules, the Xux abruptly ceased all further writing on the eve of President Richard M. Nixon's resignation in August, 1973.