Uhlpi Avenue Exposed!!!

The following snapshot of Uhlpi Avenue, actually taken on Mars by the Xux, was recently discovered in one of the Xux's old pairs of overalls that he had forgotten about since that unrecorded cataclysm that thrust a portion of Martian Civilization here to Earth. As you will recall, a recent portion of Mars was discovered to contain what may be life, buried in Antartica somewhere. Anyhow, you get the idea. The Xux was probably wearing these old overalls at the time of the event, and in the shock, misplaced them utterly.
A word about Martian photography. Any fool can expose silver salts to light and produce an accurate image. These are Kleftnobulistic pictures, looking a bit like hand-drawings. They have been enhanced Kleftnobulistically by extracting only the visual elements necessary, at that moment, to represent the state of BEING of the recorded objects. Once again, I think you get the idea:

Uhlpi Avenue, Marces (Ulpi Avenue, Mars, for us mere earthlings). Here we can see the Glasbloe, Tory Prouse, and others in their natural state on Mars. If you are wondering what Pap is, well, it is the native cuisine of Mars. Nothing like it here on earth. You may also see a number of unique creatures that have never survived the voyage. We presume they are happily engaged in their customary Martian occupations, if not very actively planning a reunion with their lost Earth compadres. Perhaps they know of a future cataclysm which is soon forthcoming, and in really no hurry to push it. You get the idea.