The Diet of Puffiny is pleased to announce a historic alliance between the Republic of 'Llome and the Holy Empire Of Reunion
this October, 1997

God Save His Imperial Majesty Claude Bourbon

And greetings of the Republic to Mr. Duardo Mcphill, the honorary Raszcuchnik of Ahmanepra for the Holy Empire of Reunion

His Excellency Sultan of Consultin' Woz, Consul General for the combined nations of 'Llome/Clobstovfia expresses his eternal gratitude for having been granted the title of Count Of Nova Guapimirim
In commemoration of this historic event, the Diet of Puffiny has directed the creation of a special philatelic Tableau which incorporates a timely postage stamp issued on the very Isle of Man from which the Puffins themselves sprung one day several millenia ago.
To whit, the following tableau (which is legal postage within the Republic of 'Llome):