Milmoe (A land often in conflict with 'Llome)

The only known map of Milmoe, the Charta Milmoeaux. Milmoe's capitol is the city of Eugenia. Milmoe adjoined 'Llome (prior to the move to Clobstovfia) 'way back when.

The principal resident of Milmoe was the Regular Stroempl. This was a combination of Puffin, D'Arsonval, and Albatross.
There were a number of very unique Irregular (or Everyday) Stroempls whom we will temporarily allow to be lost to antiquity in this treatise on 'Llome itself.

Perhaps the most contentious issue between Milmoe and 'Llome was the exiled variety of Puffin shown at left. Like the Catalan, the Milmoan Puffins hoped to establish their own homeland, separate from 'Llome and Milmoe, but the two existing governments were simply too powerful.

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