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National Anthem
P't s'storpa rit
Y qkz'nt f'p
Rrstm' f'dorp 'Llome
(translation: This great joint/Happy's us much/To live here in 'Llome) 
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Welcome to the Republic of 'Llome
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The Great Crest of 'Llome
Three Puffins Regardant on a Field of Purpure, Fez Gules
Flig passant, dexter, seme vert
permission from Ralf Hartemink to display herald graciously acknowledged by the animacules of 'Llome

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last updated 1/22/2000 by Magisterial Decree of the Council of Twenty Puffins heretofore and forever the highest ruling body of 'Llome except for the assembled Diet of Puffiny notwithstanding the protests of the other diverse animacules whom the Puffins deign to tolerate peacefully.