Additional Photos of 'Llome/Clobstofia

By far, the most stunning plant in the region is the Trillium. The trilliums were imported from the original 'Llome and transplanted to Clobstofia during the Relocation. Actually, nowadays, we would call it the Paradigm Shift. The above White Trillium is also the provincial flower of Ontario, Canada, and for good reason...right across that little pond we call Lake isn't much different botanically. White Trilliums are basically a rare tuberous perennial; legend has it that it will not bloom again if the flower is picked. Squirrels certainly enjoy eating the bulbs. Amongst Trilliums, though, white ones are extremely common.

There exist four other varieties known to the Clobstofian administrators: Red (much like the white), and two kinds of sessile trilliums, even rarer; Below, the sessile Yellow Trillium: could dispute for days whether they are yellow or green(ish)

But amongst the rare, there is the inner circle of rarity: the red sessile Trillium:

It's so darkly colored, you need to look closer:

Perhaps closer yet...

The waxy red flower was digitally sampled to provide the background for this page!

Clobstofia (Clobstovfia) is probably the first landlord-nation on the planet, having surrendered its land in perpetual lease to 'Llome. But this is not to say that Clobstovfia has foresaken a rich and longstanding governance and culture, which remain with the Clobstovfian Administrators in the archives of House Wozny. The Administrators of the region are living in splendor (if such a thing can be had) in the suburb of Parma, Ohio, which unfortunately land-locks the region.

This way to examine the Right of Clobstovfia