The bulk of the earlier material on 'Llome was obtained from perhaps the rarest book on the planet, the Shrew Book. The Shrew Book was commissioned and executed by the Clobstovfian Administrators to commemorate the one historic incident that threatened the peace between 'Llome and Clobstovfia. It seems, through careless packing, that a 'Llombic shrew was imported to the stately Phoebe Flats grounds of Clobstovfia, precipitating a serious diplomatic incident. As the administrators sat in their lawn chairs high atop the plains of Ahmanepra, supervising the transplantation of 'Llombic culture, the appearance of this awful creature generated great alarm and concern. The Administrators often were surprised, mid tea, as the black rodent darted back and forth across Wena Street. This had to be put to an end.

Shrews were used in 'Llome to dig tunnels to serve as the winter habitation for the fligs, Tick Puffins, and other "diuerse liuers of 'Llome". They haven't been mentioned in the text so far because they are a bit of an embarassment to the 'Llombics, who except for severe winters, have indeed a paradise on earth.

The Clobstovfian Administrators contracted with Clivont Garde Industries' greatest scientists and engineers over the course of many months in order to capture the fearsome toothed mole. Taking their counsel to heart, the Administrators devised a scheme whereby a gravity trigger would capture the shrew in a Sultana Mayonnaise Jar, using some cooked macaroni as bait. The gambit was amazingly successful, and the removal of the rodential issue caused all parties to sigh a great big expiration of relief. From that point forward, the Relocation's success was assured.
As memorandum for the event, the Administrators went to their art benches and bound one hand-scribed volume in vellum, which told the story of 'Llome from the times of Orna du 'Llome right through to the Relocation:

Title page of the only copy of the Shrew Book in existence