In honor of our recent establishment of diplomatic relations with Laputa, the Diet of Puffiny, the Council of Twenty Puffins, and the Council of Thirty Puffins jointly authorized the Clobstovfian Administrators (using a considerable amount of money they probably would have rather spent on good moss) to mint the first new commemorative stamp in over 30 years. When the ruling class of Puffins mean to mark an event for all time, they rely upon their old traditions of minting new postage stamps, and this is a glorious honor indeed. The last such stamps were produced in 1964 or 1965, but this time, they authorized the use of advanced digital technologies heretofore unavailable. The Puffins decreed that no expense should be spared, and requested the Sultan himself to open his philatelic vault for their inspection, so that a proper world-class postage stamp could be produced.
Herewith and hereunder is the aforementioned stamp, a 25 Napa denomination. To put the value of this stamp in proper perspective, 25 Napa is approximately 5 month's normal income tax paid by the average 'Llome resident, in 1963 dollars. Today, in the United States, such a sum would reach well into the millions in today's dollars, all other things being equal. However, since inflation (but not interest on loans) is unknown in 'Llome, it is enough to buy your own D'Arsonval for chores around the stump.

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