Postcard of 'Llome

The Council of Tourism, an especially empowered task force of the Council of Twenty Puffins, has issued the first official Post Card of the Republic of 'Llome. You may distribute the image freely as you choose. You will need to supply the card and the postage for the country of origin, or you may want to stop off in the Clobstovfia to ensure a proper 'Llombic postmark. Your friends will be impressed when they see that you have been to the Republic of 'Llome, for sure. No wildlife was endangered to construct this image, either.
Official Carte Postale de 'Llome

Unfortunately, due to a (hopefully short-lived) fad amongst the Puffins, the caption of the card is in fractured Italian, that language being a kind of fashion statement in 'Llome this year.

Incidentally, the current price to mail a postcard in 'Llome is approximately 5 Napa. At present, since there is no US currency presently in the treasury, 5 Napa is essentially a free ride, so get here early before our circumstances change!