The Two-Inch Pig Page (du 'Llome)

Two-inch (5 cm for those who aren't familiar with English metrics) Pigs are the second-most populous resident of 'Llome. It is a matter of personal taste if you find them cuter than the squat, dandy Tick Puffins; mull this around in your mind a bit and see if this page doesn't convince you one way or another. Do bear in mind that the Puffins are the ruling class, however!

Two-inch pigs are very much like most typical residents of small villages, we suppose. Each one has his or her own particular characteristics, and they take their place in the pastoral settings of 'Llome in a distinctly countrified way. These are not ordinary pigs. They represent perhaps the endpoint of porcine evolution. They have developed speech, language, society, music, art, and the comforts of home. All this for an approximate 100-fold reduction in overall size, which we presume is nature's way of balancing the equation.
When the Under-Council of 27 Pigs learned of the Internet and this 'Llombic Web Page, they surveyed their population and asked for a number of volunteers who would represent their heritage in cyberspace. Then they engaged the services of a local caricature artist to produce these tableaux:
Tableaux Anime des Porcs a Deux Pouces

The observant browser will have certainly detected that the nostrils are the most important features to have developed from an evolutionary standpoint. In fact, Tippi, on the last tableau, is a renowned musician with Tut Kuk's troupe. Two-inch pigs with more than the usual 2 nostrils are usually of high musical calibre, and those with 20 or more can be played like a great organ. Tut Kuk is, of course, the one chorus director with the talent to bring out the best in these creatures. The sound of a 45-nostrilled, two-inch pig performing a Serbian folk tune is virtually indescribable, akin to a Bach Fugue played on one of the great church organs of Europe. We do not know, dear browser, what you may be doing after you read this page and unhand your keyboard and mouse to pursue your life in the Real World...but we can assure you that you are missing something; your life would be bettered by just one Two-inch Pig Symphony!