The Great Seal of 'Llome

...the genuine micronation of the Republic of 'Llome (luh-lowm). Located in tract 140 of the Ramona Heights Subdivision of Parma, Ohio, 'Llome is a tiny enclave populated by a variety of unique, non-human, and usually miniature residents, who may indeed be unique in the universe. You see, in 'Llome, evolution has taken the residents' morphology to very interesting extremes not found in normal Earth biology. This may be due to a genetic factor derived long ago, during a cataclysm heretofore unrecorded in astronomic literature, where an advanced assortment of Martians (living, as it turns out, on Ulpi Avenue) came to Earth in an unspecified manner. 'Llome is populated principally by a hierarchy of these diverse creatures.

A variety of the puffin (such as those found on the Isle of Man) known as the Tick Puffin, standing at perhaps 6", has become the benevolent ruling class. The most important puffin in the Government is the Elector of Puffiny. A sort of Senate/Congress also exists, known as the Council of Twenty Puffins and the Council of Thirty Puffins, respectively, who set laws by issuing Edicts almost always favoring Puffins over every other kind of being (no surprise).

The Elector of Puffiny wears the sash of government, which was passed down through the generations from the original founder of 'Llome (about whom not much is known), Orna Du 'Llome.

The Elector wears the motto of the Diet, "Chous Farci" (French for "stuffed cabbage"). This is not because the puffins like, or have even seen the dish. But since they are all Manx (hailing from the Isle of Man off the British Coast), they were once near enough to the French to have heard the phrase, which they liked very much, and took it on as their own. In 'Llome, not much attention is paid to matters of logic or reason, you see.

The very oldest and very fattest Puffins are the ones to be found at the upper strata of society. Ornate head gear (usually carefully balanced pots of herbs, live plants, and other fine rarities) signifies caste according to an old tradition which humans simply would never understand. The richest Puffins seek out hollow tree stumps as abodes, where their heads and headpots can be exposed for those lesser Puffins seeking counsel. The rare bird, through careful trimming of feathers over the years, is able to wear a much revered form of body art in which an entire story is written upon their outer surface.
These special Puffins are the Epic Puffins. To the right is the most honored Epic Puffin, scribed with the story of the origin of 'Llome (or at least one unproven and often disputed version):

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