Cityscapes of 'Llome

A common street scene in 'Llome, at the marketplace. A D'Arsonval is advertising for work, usually the menial task of pulling a Puffin's large wagon. To the right, an Ul-Ul, a large-tongued, monocular organism which is the inventor of the letter "L", and speaks a curious language consisting (on account of the size of the tongue) entirely of "L" sounds.

The bustling city streets of 'Llome...notice the morel mushrooms, which serve as religious temples (or Hs'Tots, in the native language). Puffins are busily driving carts, pulled by D'Arsonvals, the society's general laborers.

The greatest, most sought after counsel in 'Llome are the Razkusniks. Elfen Puffins, or even human midgets (true elves) sit atop colorful mushrooms and smoke their meerschaum pipes, contemplating philosophy and the meaning of life. Often wearing a Fez, or using a special stick known as a stave, they instruct their inquirers on all manner of proper conduct and ethics.

There was a vigorous and active postal system in 'Llome, used chiefly by the Puffins (who were, after all, the only beings sophisticated enough to demand such a service). We have here a typical 'Llombic Political Solicitation, mailed around election time.

At the right, a travel document authorizing the holder to travel from 'Llome to Clobstovfia. This document is properly authorized by the double "L" stamp, signed by Tuffin Prig, the Ambassador, and replete with the license fees and tax stamps which Puffins had ordered in all their Edicts (to keep them in moss).

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