Republic of 'Llome

The Tick Puffins represent the most minor departure from normal evolution. Descended directly from the Manx Puffins, they have developed intelligence, speech, language, sophistication, and leadership not particularly typical of any species of bird known elsewhere. The main distinction from regular Puffins is that the Tick Puffin sounds like a metronome, making a continuous and very gentle, slow, ticking sound. In most ways, this serves as a handy warning that a member of the ruling class may be nearby!

You may have noted in the previous picture, atop one of the many 'Llombic mushrooms, a tiny and remarkable creature known as the Flig:

The flig is the second most numerous inhabitant of 'Llome. It is a combination of the common garden slug, and the pig. The Fligs country of origin is the land of Fligea, an ancient sister republic of 'Llome. So long as they pay the Tick Puffins an annual license fee, they may reside freely in 'Llome. They have evolved a revolutionary method of transportation, as you can see, the first treadmill ever to have emerged in a protoplasmic being. Normally, a treadmill or tractor would be a very slow means of getting around, but Fligs are quite fast; the lubrication from their slime trail enhances the working of the treadmill. When Fligs are feeling particularly happy and secure, they emit squirts of a harmless liquid from their tiny snouts; when this occurs, it is a sign to all that everything is right with the world! The occasional splatter is considered good luck in 'Llome.

Biologists would have a field day studying the taxonomy of 'Llome. A place where no part of evolution has gone quite right; where cells have differentiated into mechanical forms, normal species have mixed and mutated; and each species has a specialized mode of locomotion. We will leave taxonomy alone for now, and consider merely the practical aspects of life in 'Llome. What is a unique 'Llombic creature to do when it falls ill? Who has the capabilities to administer remedies?
'Llome is fortunate in having just the right physician for the job. Himself a tiny creature of approximately 3", he has devoted centuries to studying the 'Llombics, learning their anatomy, and applying the many local herbs in remedies for the equally unique pathologies of these creatures. I present to you, the one, the only Dr. O. B. Preuss.
Here is the Great Dr. O. B. Preuss dispensing remedies to yet another 'Llombic resident. This image is the caudecus of the 'Llombic medical profession, the symbol of the trade. Dr. O. B. Preuss is treating the third most numerous resident of 'Llome, the two-inch Pig.
A two-inch Pig is in every respect the same as the larger variety. However, like the Tick Puffins, they have developed speech (though slightly less sophistication). Each two-inch Pig, when squeezed or rapped upon the head, emits a beautiful melodic tone. In conjunction with the Tick Puffins, who provide the rhythm, 'Llome has a symphony orchestra of two inch pigs conducted by the great musician, Tut Kuk (toot kook). The symphony was well subscribed; the music played was invariably derived from Serbian folk music. Tut Kuk's prized musicians were two two-inch pigs that were joined at the snout at birth, and then later separated by Dr. Preuss, the acclaimed Tinky-Pinky. You can hear their music by clicking here.

Limes and Milmoans

Intelligent fruit also abounds in 'Llome, especially the Limes or Lymes (or Llymes). Like the fligs, Lymes are tolerated by the ruling Puffins only upon payment of residence taxes.

Now, the Milmoans are a different story. They hail from the land of Milmoe. They are a secretive bunch, and shy away from cameras and the artist's brush. Milmoans are welcome so long as they present themselves annually to pay their respective residence fees.

D'arsonvals ('Bales)

The D'arsonval is a small (2 in. or 5 cm.) high creature with either spines or fur. The furry ones are considered the most sophisticated. They have a round body and a long , cylindrical snout which projects from their spherical orb of a thorax. The snout has two large nostrils. D'arsonvals do not have any facial features or limbs, except for a single spindly, inflexible leg terminated in a small wheel. They look a bit like a chemical flask riding a unicycle. They do not like their pictures taken at all. Since they have no face, they cannot communicate, but at least the furry ones are believed to be deep in thought at all times (while the spiny ones are considered an absolute nuisance).

Languages of 'Llome