Languages of The Republic of 'Llome

Can such a marvelous place, where biological evolution had taken so many different routes, have but one unifying tongue? Of course not!!! There are many languages in 'Llome. There is an official classical script and spoken language; and there are borrowed forms. At least three distinct scripts exist: English, Cyrillic, and 'Llombic. And add to that, the old English spellings of Colonial America, which the elitist Tick Puffins often prefer. The Cyrillic is due to a widespread fad in 'Llome where everything Serbian was considered in high fashion; Serbian music, the Serbian Language, the Cyrillic letters. This all came about because of a local FM radio station that had a weekly Serbian music hour; the 'Llombics went wild and huddled by their radios every weekend. Later this evolved into adopting the Cyrillic Alphabet for some writings, and of course, influenced greatly the style of song of the two-inch pigs. The two-inch pigs trained to make their individual sounds resemble the cornemuse (ancient Balkan bagpipe) very closely.

The following is a very early sample of Classical 'Llohmbic script, a document still being interpreted by scholars:

The entire alphabet is below: if you click here, you will receive the full-sized image:

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