Other Residents of 'Llome

There are many other residents of 'Llome. The following residents are completely unique within the universe and live in the 'Llombic neighborhood known as Wena Street. The Tick Puffins, fligs, and two-inch pigs generally leave the other singular residents alone for the most part, because they are so different. The singulars are generally believed to have descended from Martians who came to Earth in some unspecified ancient cataclysm where our worlds nearly touched, coming close enough for Mars to throw off a divot of dirt from the Martian enclave known as Ulpi Avenue.

One very beautiful illuminated manuscript, in Classic 'Llohmbic and including Cyrillic lettering, has been found to document the citizenship of the singulars:

This illuminated manuscript portrays citizens of 'Llome:

Tuffin Prig; Tory Prouse; Gill-go-by-the-ground Kuhne; and another picture of the famous Dr. O. B. Preuss.

A larger edition of the illuminated manuscript is available by clicking here.
Tuffin Prig, as you can see, is a more evolved organism than Tory Prouse. Tory Prouse appeared first. Tory is a very delicate organism with a very specialized method of locomotion, hopping about on a singular spindly leg. He maintains his balance entirely by collecting Helium from the atmosphere and storing it in the posterior lobe. Special gills, under the hat, perform the extraction of Helium from the atmosphere. Tory, like the Tick Puffins, makes a gentle noise a times, a characteristic bleat, or more properly "Bheeeeeet!". Tory is able, frequently, to lay infertile eggs whose purpose is a mystery (though they may have played some role on Mars). They fall to the ground with a loud "Plop!". The cycle of "Bheet, Plop!" can be most frequent and most annoying.
Tory Prouse eats only ice cream. A specialized, delicate creature such as this needs a mentor, advisor, and caretaker, and Tory has one in Gill-go-by-the-ground Kuhne (Thsuger Waper). Gill has taken it upon himself to vouchsafe Tory, to see to his health and well-being at all times. Gill often places himself at great risk to defend and protect Tory, and especially to keep Tory out of the hands of U.S. Government scientists who wish to dissect him to determine how he so efficiently filters helium from the earth's atmosphere.
Tuffin Prig is considered the epitome of 'Llombic evolution, the pinnacle. Embodying features of Tory Prouse, Tick Puffins, and two-inch Pigs, Tuffin is the model for a new age of 'Llome in which all diverse elements finally meld. Tuffin Prig's noise, reflecting his origins, is "Cheeeet-Onnnkhhh!". The resonance of the pig's squeal, Tory's "bheet", and a bird's chirp all rolled into one.

Tuffin also held the esteemed position of Ambassador General, forging the alliances between 'Llome and the outer colonies of Milmoe and Woodesia, a very curious land of Albatrosses. Tuffin was responsible for securing the perpetual lease between 'Llome and Clobstovfia.

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