Singular Residents of 'Llome

The singular organisms have an equally singular leader, the crowned ruler and benevolent monarch of Wena Street, none other than R. Kare, King of Wena Street:

R. Kare is seen here in a frame from the very rare publication Adventures of Wena Street; he is summoning the palace guards (he misspells as he speaks) to rid the area of their arch-nemesis, the Nimrod. R. Kare (sometimes incorrectly referred to as K. Rare) also has a number of charges.

From the left, we have the rotating Yohimbine, the great scholar of Ulpi Avenue - the XuX (zucks), and the amazing Glasbloe. R. Kare is sitting here in his thrown considering the appeal of the citizenry to cone the Nimrod. The only known way to control this pest is to place him in a special cone-shaped box; the geometry of the cone weakens him greatly. However, the Nimrod is very crafty...knowing Tory Prouse's fondness for ice-cream, he generally engineers some kind of Rube Goldberg arrangement where, as Tory laps at the sumptuous treat, the cone is removed. Since Tory is such a gullible creature, Gill-go-by-the-ground Kuhne often prevents the mishap of the Nimrod's de-coning, and is usually the hero of Adventures of Wena Street. And you thought your life was complicated at times!
(Torri ovia heliopia omnia collodia)

Tory is lapping at his favorite flavor of ice cream, Velocipede flavor

Velocipedic Ice Cream is a very special treat in 'Llome. Actual antique velocipede tricycles are distilled and the essence used to flavor the creamy comestible. Tory will do anything for velocipede ice cream...including freeing the fearsome Nimrod (for whom, alas, a picture is lost to antiquity). Tory is physically repelled by potato chips, particularly the Dan Dee brand; this repulsion is constantly under study by visiting physicists. The repulsive energy is extremely powerful, like an electromagnetic force. The Nimrod uses the force to repel Tory when that is required for his evil schemes.

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