Singular Residents of 'Llome

Xoozlis biatoma omnia veritas intelecta

The Xux is every bit like Spaak from Star Trek (though he antedates the Vulcan by several years). Cold, severe, and logical, his expertise is sought on many matters of 'Llombic state. The Xux is bluish-white, putty-like, and pliable, and may be safely stretched quite far without much damage. His greatest fear (and the Nimrod's greatest threat) is that he will be "depelted "by being stretched too far. The Xux is known to the residents by his characteristic greeting: "Oh deer whattiz going on here". At times of stress,. the Xux exclaims "Ohee!", particularly when the threat of depelting is imminent. He resides in a hollow elm tree in blessed sequestration from the outside world, as much as possible, the so-called Xux House. The Xux's primary area of expertise is in the mystical, cabalistic science of Kleftnobulism. An area so obscure, you will have to reserve your questions for the Xux himself!

The Glasbloe is a most unique creature, again with an advanced form of locomotion. His single leg is terminated in a rather normal (in fact, large) foot with toes. But the sole of the foot is a roller, the kind of roller you might find in a hand carpet sweeper. To overcome the inefficient drag of such an arrangement, evolution has given the Glasbloe a number of mucous glands (like a clam or slug) to lubricate the terrain and ensure a smooth, quick trip. The Glasbloe, though very friendly, is a bit naive, and quite lonely because none of the other residents appreciate cleaning up after him. In fact, they openly avoid the Glasbloe, in a complete renouncement of what we now call diversity in our communities and workplaces. If the Glasbloe has anything at all to contribute to 'Llombic society, such will be completely unexpressed due to the unfortunate motor apparatus he must abide.
The Yohimbine also has evolved a rotatory locomotive means. His several spindly legs are arranged around the circumference of a completely round body, and he rolls like a pinwheel, at great speeds. He also suffers from social rejection in that his steering is not always very accurate. Also, depending upon his particular degree of rotation, he may in fact appear to be upside-down, a position where a natural conversation is not particularly pleasant.

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