Prospective Residents of 'Llome

Since 'Llome is such a hotbed of unique, fast-moving evolution, the reader may be tempted to ask, what will the future bring? Well, Dr. O. B. Preuss himself had taken this matter under study very carefully. Here is a straw-man prospective of 'Llombic evolution, a number of potential inhabitants to develop as time progresses (based upon those already living in 'Llome). As you can see, a good number of permutations await the visitor to 'Llome!

But this is by no means the entire story; 'Llome has two sister nations, one lost to obscurity, and another nation which now contains 'Llome, much like a large country such as the United States takes over a small tropical island.

The nation lost to obscurity is the amazing land of Fnoertania. In Fnoertania, scientists have developed a form of the element lead (symbol Pb) which is lighter than air. A great industry in making genuine lead balloons once thrived in Fnoertania. Fnoertania was ruled by a Sultan whose main passion was in collecting very rare essential oils (oils extracted from very rare herbs and medicinal plants). Since the Sultan controlled the entire lead balloon industry for the world, financing his purchases was always easy, and he could be as wasteful of the rare compounds as he wished. Below is a picture of Fnoertania and the Sultanate:

You can see that the Sultan is having the expensive Cohosh Oil (or in the Fnoertanian dialect, Oyvil) pumped up to the palace, probably used for heating. Meanwhile, tourists in lead balloons do some sightseeing. Oh yes, the lighter-than-air lead is used to manufacture flying bicycles, such as the one being ridden by the monocular Fnoertanian at upper left.

You must turn the next cyberpage to learn the story of Clobstovfia, the traditional enclave that assumed 'Llome and provided a new Wena Street. To properly describe Clobstofia, it is necessary to divert for a moment to cover the great industries of the realm, Kench Chemical Company and Clivont Garde Industries (CGI, and no relation to HTML at all, which wouldn't even appear for 33 more years).

Introducing Clobstovfia