The Botanical Garden that is 'Llome
Artist's Rendition

Les Douanes (Custom House)

Les Douanes are located at the frontier of the relocated 'Llome in Clobstofia. This view is taken from Ahmanepra Heights, looking northwest into the adjoining area of Parma, Ohio. The first clump of White Trilliums is located in the area known as Applesauce Lorraine. Wena Street is visible parallel to the sun/shadow line.Visitors are required to pay a small border tax, which benefits Clobstofia, according to an age-old lease. The tax is approximately one Bince (25 napas). The napa is the unit of currency of Clobstofia, and represents a floating exchange value. A fixed number of specie was produced, and the mint was closed. So the napa is worth the entire value of the Clobstofian Treasury Account, divided by the total number of napa in circulation, which at one time was well in excess of $7 (U.S.). Stamps such as these would be issued:

Ahmanepra is the region at upper left (behind and to the left of the oak tree), a principal site for the production of compost so vital to the 'Llombic botanical exhuberance. It once housed a leaf mine. Production facilities were once set up in the adjacent area known as Ahmanepra Sloven. Ahmanepra's eastern border is the area of Goraczky (pronounced "garage-key") which abuts a single-car garage whose foundation line defines the eastern Clobstofia/Parma border.
Clobstofia itself is not a country in the normal sense. It refers to the traditional area, which was leased to the country of 'Llome for relocation. The Clobstofians themselves do not occupy the area, as they live in the Parma suburb and merely administer the territory as landlord for the tenants, the citizens of 'Llome. Prior to Clivont Garde Industries contract with Clobstofia to permit experiments in chemistry to take place in an area friendly to industrialists, Clobstofia was called Phoebe Flats, after the Flats in Cleveland, Parma's larger neighbor to the north. However, Phoebe Flats sold all territorial rights to Clobstofia, which then sublet the land to the country of 'Llome.

The Clobstofian adminstrators are one Benji and one Daxbe Breszu. Benji obtained (allegedly) some sort of medical degree in 1964 (it could have been an honorary degree), and ordained himself Doschick Rangworm, which added a measure of professional panache to the adminstrative process. Doschick Rangworm was kind enough to provide his personal largesse to the rental of the cyberspace required to house these annals of 'Llome/Clobstofia. The vast Web Page Production Facilities of the Sultan of Consultin' were graciously donated so that these unique images could be properly digitized. No expense was spared, be assured.

Daxbe Brezsu, a master calligrapher, produced digitally (as with the digits of one's hand) the illuminations, with benefit of only his original on-board multi-media bio-computer. Since the story of 'Llome/Clobstofia is so old (going back to 1963 in some spots), much of the artwork antedated modern techniques, and was indeed done (perish forbid!) by taking pen and ink to paper. Of course, in 1996, new techniques, plus about $4000 worth of hardware/software, run rings around such monkish pursuit.

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