Official 'Llome Souvenirs

The Republic of 'Llome, always seeking ways to build up its cash reserves, is pleased to offer a full-line of Official Souvenirs. Please add this page to your bookmark file and check it often as we will be continuously adding to the available merchandise! Presently, as we have just begun this venture, we are pleased to offer the following quality items:

The Souvenir Shoppe of 'Llome unfortunately does not honor any credit cards whatsoever, as the Puffins like to deal in either cash or moss. The Clobstovfian Administrators will accept payment in the official currency, the Napa. You need only visit our little country to come and pick these items up, cash on the tree-stump.

If you require any assistance with sizes, colors, etc., do not hesitate to drop an E-mail to the Clobstovfian Administrator who oversees the Souvenir Shoppe. He will be glad to assist you in matters of currency conversion, directions to the Shoppe, and special orders.

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