Velvet Painting

Item VP-01, Velvet Painting of Pastoral 'Llombic Scene, 185 Napa. This limited edition 1996 painting features a typical 'Llombic scene on genuine velvet, not synthetic. Hand washable. Frame not included.

Giant Souvenir Pencil

Item GP-01, Giant Glasbloe Pencil (for schoolchildren). Imagine how proud your kids will be to sport a genuine 'Llombic 12-inch (.3 meter) pencil. The head removes to expose a small storage compartment for erasers and sharpeners, etc. Available in Nr. 2 (soft) lead only. Non-toxic. 15 Napa.

Item FZ-01, Hand-woven 'Llombic Fez D'Honneur, as worn by the members of the Diet of Puffiny. Contains, in genuine golden thread, the 'Llombic greeting of health, wealth, and good moss (M'Nox Pardee). Custom-made.

To ensure your proper size, take a band of paper larger than the circumference of your head. Have someone else place this band around your head at eyebrow level, while you put your index finger on your temple, and under the paper band. This will ensure the width of the Fez will be slightly larger than the top of your head, for proper seating. Please send those measurements along with your payment of 280 Napa. Allow 6-8 weeks for our craftsmen to milline this beautiful Fez!

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