Christmas Shoppe of the Republic of 'Llome

The Republic of 'Llome is pleased to offer the visitor a small assortment of Christmas ornaments. Each set is hand-carved (well, really carved by uncloven hoof) and decorated by Two-Inch Pig craftsmen in the 'Llombic Souvenir Works located in scenic Byelopapsylvania. We are pleased to be able to offer them for such a reasonable price and have included below a suggested arrangement of the ornaments designed to add a very unique air to your holiday festivities.

Item CO-01 - And here is a lovely, typical arrangement of these beautiful pieces d'art, to suggest their relative size and possibilities for stylish placement:

Each set features the Xux, the Glasbloe, and Tory Prouse bringing in the yuletide tree.

To order them, simply drop an E-mail to Sultan Woz.

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