My Work

While I may have alluded to the place where I work elsewhere, I can show you some pictures of the people and equipment I work(ed) with.  Though I will only admit to being a nerdy but nice bit fiddling techie, I am not exactly at liberty to divulge precisely what I do with my programming habit.  Let's just say, my employer has this stuff in vast quantities flying in and out of the building.  So much so, that in 1996, they decided to build a new building with all the latest equipment available to process the stuff.

As is often the case with employers, the precise location and quantity of their stuff must be known at all times.  And there is so much stuff, little robot driven fork-lifts have to pull the stuff out of the stuff place and put it into little rooms where it is broken down, wrapped, and placed on trucks for delivery to them.

That's where I came into the project.  People have to tell the robots how much stuff to take out of the stuff place.  And when more stuff comes in, people have to tell the robots how much of it there is, and send it back to the stuff place.  The stuff place has to be locked up every night, so that the stuff doesn't leak out or anything.

I'm the dude that wrote the program that communicates with the robots.  In some ways, the building was built around the robots, so I had to wear a hard hat, and so did everybody else, in case the stuff handling system crashed around our heads.

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