Euclid Beach Memoirs

Almost as faded as the memory, the Chrome "Buck Rogers" style space ship that formed the heart of the park.  Five stories high, you climbed the stairs up the middle, and each shiny bullet would hold 50-75 people.  It would go in the gentlest of circles and get you ready for the wilder rides.  This was the original Granny ride;  no matter how frail, or how motion sick, almost anyone could tolerate this ride!

Here's a closeup of the shiny chrome rocket.

What park would be a park without a Merry Go Round?  These very horses still spin at the antiseptic and modern Cedar Point park some 50 miles to the west, near Sandusky.


To warm you up after the Rocket Ship...the flying scooters.  Like gliders, you could adjust the forward rudder to oscillate riskily as you dare.


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