Ambridge, Pennsylvania (ca. 1941)

Here's a few pictures of Ambridge, Pa, taken around 1941. Lost relatives in my family (a great uncle or two and a number of cousins), a whole passel of Wozny's in another town besides Houtzdale and Jeannette!

Downtown Ambridge (and I'm almost 100% certain it is by the notes on the envelope containing the negatives) and dig the Duquesne Beer sign in the upper right. The champaigne of bottled beers (as big a favorite in Cleveland as it was in Pa.). My grandfather's favorite beer and sponsor of his favorite show (Sunday Polka Hour):

Next we have a couple of pictures of the mills. Unfortunately, not clear enough or close enough to positively ID the names of the companies involved...

The above picture you can make out Oscar Meyer/Refrigerator. Still making weenies after all these years (by the carload yet!)

The next picture was marked "Birthplace of Joe (Ambridge?)". That would be my uncle Joe Wozny, somewhere in the 1910-1915 time range when he was born; apparently, on this trip, my dad recognized the building, wherever it is!

Next some pure family pictures of my great "Uncle Frank and Family", all allegedly taken in/around Ambridge:

A closeup...

And that's it!

Some of the pictures of Ambridge and Jeannette are mixed! Click here to see a few more family photos which may be improperly labelled!

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