Jeannette, Pa (Continued!)

I found the following additional pictures of Jeannette.  This one is apparently in the Terpko's backyard. I wonder if this could be Andy?

Once again, the modern picture for reference!

Next, another view of the neighborhood, but from a slightly different direction:

Four people lurking in the bushes (LOOK CAREFULLY), camera angle looking to the right (check the trees or whatever they are on the hill in the distance for reference!) This is looking down the lane.  Here's an enhanced blowup of the people in the bushes:

Next, we go inside the house. These shots are poorly exposed and I recovered whatever I could from them. However, anyone who had ever seen a classic ice pitcher like the one shown would surely remember it!

The person on the right (based upon my recollection) is most assuredly my Grandfather Stanley Wozny. The other man is Demetrio Terpko.  The two are fiddling away.  I knew my father was an accomplished violinist, but I had never heard that my grandfather could play an instrument at all.  Grampa and Demetrio shared a house in Jeannette in 1912, and that is where my Uncle John Wozny was born.  Here's a closeup of Demetrio, who appears to be playing a bass violin:

For the sake of completeness, a blowup of the brand of whiskey on the table, Royal Oak Whiskey:

Demetrio worked at the local Glass Factory, a major employer in the town.  My grandfather may have worked there, too, but more likely was employed by Penn Central or NY Central Railroads.  His occupation was listed as a "shove-in boy" whatever that meant!  Here's a picture of the workmen at the Glass Factory (year uncertain):