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First Steps
Artist: Yes
Title: First Steps 
Unique_Id: 1STSTEPS 
Format: CD
Catalog: A.114
Produced: ABAXAS in Italy (c) 1991. Has S.I.A.E stamp, semi-legal status 
Date: 780000
Cover: simple folded insert, with amber clouds/sky painting by Maurizio DellaNave. The back insert forgets to list "Yours is No Disgrace". 
Sources: BBC broadcasts, Wembley 10/28/78 FM concert, Beat Club TV
Tracks: Sweetness (BBC)  
Something's Coming (BBC)  
Looking Around (BBC)  
Everydays (BBC, also on YesYears)  
Sweet Dreams (BBC) (bad edit on intro)  
Then (BBC, also on YesYears)  
Time and a Word (Wembley '78 live)  
Starship Trooper (Wembley '78 live) Roundabout (Wembley '78 live)  
No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed (Beat Club)  
Yours is No Disgrace (Beat Club) (early fade out) 
Band: Jon Anderson (Tracks 1-11)  
Peter Banks (Tracks 1-6,10)  
Steve Howe (Tracks 7-9,11)  
Chris Squire (Tracks 1-11)  
Tony Kaye (Tracks 1-6,10-11)  
Rick Wakeman (Tracks 7-9)  
Alan White (Tracks 7-9)  
Bill Bruford (Tracks 1-6,10-11) 
Xref: Looking Around (CD), In the Round (LP), Wembley Arena '78 (CD)
Quality: Tracks 1-4 (VG+mono), Tracks 5-6 (VG mono), Tracks 7-9 (Ex- stereo), Track 10-11 (VG+ mono) 
Comments: Could use a little more "truth in advertising". It claims to be recorded "Live in London (1970-1971)", but the actual sources (listed above) show that it's not true. 

The BBC recordings would normally be excellent quality, except for some tape hiss, dynamic range compression and minor muffled sound. Another problem is that they're running at the wrong speed and playing way too fast. Performance-wise, the BBC tracks are extremely... charming. Gotta hear "Sweetness"! 

It would have been nice to know that tracks 7-9 are live tracks, with the audience noise deftly edited out at the beginning and end of the songs, prior to buying this CD. They're from the classic Wembley '78 show, often known as the In the Round bootleg, with "Roundabout" being in stereo here, as opposed to mono on the original LP boot. Sound quality is slightly inferior to that of the LP, although the stereo separation is better here. 

The Beat Club tracks are here in glorious, compressed-for-TV mono, and both "No Experience" and "Yours is No Disgrace" fade out prematurely (the videos run longer). 

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