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The Affirmative
Artist: Yes
Title: The Affirmative
Format: LP
Catalog: AVD2-383
Misc.: Studio recordings; FM concert
Produced: 1984
Date: 790000
Cover: Front cover has a color photo of Steve Howe in concert with his fave guitar, an ES-175. Superimposed with pictures of an owl, an orc and a mounted warrior. Has a random scattering of colored lettering, and a string of letters spelling, "TALES FROM MABEL GREER'S TOYSHOP". Back cover has more orc-fellows, the snake from Relayer and a great picture of Anderson waving a tambourine. 
Sources: 1979 Paris demos, and "Awaken" live at Wembley
Tracks: Dancing Through Light  
Golden Age  
In The Tower  
Friend of a Friend  
Everybody Loves You  
Flower Girl   
Awaken   (live at Wembley)
Band: Jon Anderson  
Steve Howe  
Chris Squire  
Rick Wakeman  
Alan White
Xref: Golden Age (CD)
Quality: Ex stereo. Has a lot of tape hiss and bass overload on studio material. "Awaken" has some minor wow-and-flutter.
Comments: The studio material was recorded during the Paris 1979 sessions. "Dancing Through Light" was an early version of "Run Through The Light" with only a ghostly chorus and some eerie-sounding music. "Golden Age" eventually had the lyrics scrapped, and parts of the melody were swiped for "Some are Born" (from Song of Seven). "Everybody Loves You" made it to Song of Seven, more or less intact.  

As interesting as this material is for Yes collectors, the quality of the music is sort-of low. In fact, it's actually a very good thing that Yes did not release these songs on an official album or else they would have been laughed off the face of the planet!  

"Awaken" is a live performance taken from one of the 1978-1979 tours. It seems to be running a little slower than it should, so some manipulation of the turntable's pitch-control is recommended. After sitting through 7 songs of varying degrees of silliness, "Awaken" is godsend, reminding us about what's "right" about Yes in the first place. Speed up the turntable, shut your eyes, sit back and experience aural heaven!   

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