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The Big Tour, Volumes I & II
Artist: Yes
Title: The Big Tour, Volumes I & II
Unique_Id: BIG_TOUR
Format: LP
Catalog: TRW 1903/1904
Misc.: Audience recording; (*) studio recordings
Date: 880305
Cover: Part I:  Full color cover, featuring Roger Dean painting, "Yessongs/Pathways". Yes logo and additional spaceship drawings are superimposed on the front cover.
Part II: Full color cover. Good reproduction of "The Big Tour" souvenir tour programs that were sold during the 1988 concerts.
The back covers of both LP sets are identical, with a "Yes Family Tree" diagram, song titles and b & w photographs of each band member (also taken from the tour program).
Sources: 05 Mar 1988; Pacific Amphitheater, Costa Mesa, California or (*) 1979 Paris Demos
Tracks: Part I: *Dancing Through Light 
*Golden Age 
Rhythm of Love 
Hold On 
Heart of the Sunrise
Big Generator 
Shoot High, Aim Low 
Holy Lamb 
Solly's Beard 
Owner of a Lonely Heart
Part II:  Yours is No Disgrace 
Nous Sommes Du Soleil 
Amazing Grace 
And You and I 
Love Will Find a Way 
I've Seen All Good People 
*In the Tower 
*Friend of a Friend 
*Everybody Loves You 
*Flower Girl
(1988 concert) 
Jon Anderson 
Trevor Rabin 
Chris Squire 
Tony Kaye 
Alan White
(* 1979 studio) 
Jon Anderson 
Steve Howe 
Chris Squire 
Rick Wakeman 
Alan White
Xref: Golden Age (CD), The Affirmative (LP)
Quality: VG stereo, audience recording or (*) Ex stereo
Comments: The Big Tour, Volumes I & II comes in the form of two separate 2LP sets, making 4 LPs altogether. The bulk of the material is from a live concert at Costa Mesa in 1988, with the infamous 1979 Paris session material appearing here as "bookends" to the 1988 concert, for reasons that currently elude me (perhaps it was to make more money. After all, 2 double LP sets cost more than a single 3 LP set.)  

The recording quality is a strong VG, in a sort of "rough stereo" (which means that there is no musical stereo separation of the instruments or vocals). A word of warning though: the speed of the recording is way off, probably the worst of all Yes bootlegs in that respect. Unless you have a turntable with pitch control, skip this album, period. Playing The Big Tour at a normal 33 1/3 RPM brings back bad memories of Alvin and the Chipmunks.  

The audience noise level is very high, to the point where it becomes distracting. The person taping the show sat next to a bunch of drunken, inattentive louts, who spent more time yelling, "whooo!" than actually listening to the concert!  

Jon Anderson shines as the true professional here, giving a fine performance. Trevor Rabin also plays and sings well, on YesWest material. Rabin's version of "Classic Yes" material has always been controversial and I personally don't enjoy it as much as the newer material here.  

The Big Tour gets a conditional recommendation. Not a total loss, presuming that one has a variable-speed turntable and a high tolerance for loud audiences and Rabin/Kaye versions of "Classic Yes" songs. These discs do have some enjoyable moments, but some excruciating ones, too.

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