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Chord of Life

Artist: Yes
Title: Chord of Life
Unique_Id: CHORD_OF
Format: LP
Catalog: International Records, 07995
Misc.: Audience recording
Date: 721030
Cover: Front cover featuring Roger Dean painting, Morning Dragon in color; back cover with "Rick's Crossword", a functional and semi- humorous crossword puzzle.
Sources: 30 October 1972; University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Tracks: Siberian Khatru 
I've Seen All Good People 
Mood For A Day 
Close to the Edge 
Heart of the Sunrise 
And You and I (end part clipped off) 
Yours is No Disgrace (faded out prematurely) 
Rick's Solo 
Roundabout (faded out prematurely)
Band: Jon Anderson 
Steve Howe 
Chris Squire 
Rick Wakeman 
Alan White
Quality: VG- stereo (not much separation), audience recording 
Comments: A refreshingly HONEST sound-capsule of Yes during their 1972 tour, recorded at about the same time as Yessongs. As bad as Yessongs sounds (from a technical standpoint), Chord of Life is WORSE. It has that distant-sounding, boomy audience-recording sound ( didn't expect anything better, I hope). The speed of the LP was cut on the slow side, and could use the help of the turntable's pitch-control to improve it. Performances are only so-so. 

This record was cut using a rather poor tape source. The volume fluctuates wildly (Side 1 is cut at a higher volume than the rest) and there is a lot of left and right channel dropouts, worsened by somebody's foolish attempt to enhance the "stereo" effect by twiddling with the balance knobs. This sort of tampering does make one consider re-mixing Chord of Life into MONO to avoid such an annoyance. Several of the songs have cuts in the music or are faded out before their proper endings. 

So, why would anyone buy Chord of Life? Good question. It does have a nice cover, and fanatical Yesfans who must collect everything would like to have it. Otherwise, most Yesfans can probably skip this. 

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