Diamondville- The World's Only Neil Diamond Theme Park offers a line of exclusive merchandise in our stores and also sold in our online shop. Be the first one on the block to have genuine Diamondville merchandise!

Framed Diamondville flyer and tickets

Diamondville clocks Keeps excellent time. Clock body designs are subject to change so order early!  $15.00 (US)
Diamondville park flyers If you can't make it here, at least buy a flyer! Our flyers are in full-color. Can be laminated, matted or framed. Makes an excellent conversation piece!  $3.00 (US)
Diamondville refrigerator magnets Show everyone where you spent your vacation! The ONE, the original, DIAMONDVILLE THEME PARK. Also good for decoration and holding up pictures or coupons on the fridge. $3.00 (US)
"Holiday Inn Blues" refrigerator magnets Buy a few for your fridge as a reminder of the "Bang of a time" that you had at our official hotel, Holiday Inn Blues $3.00 (US)
"Fear of the Marketplace" refrigerator magnets You shopped 'til you dropped. You emptied your bank account here, and you maxxed your credit cards! But it was so much fun! Get a souvenir magnet of "Fear of the Marketplace" today! $3.00 (US)
Diamondville T-Shirts Tastefully designed, heavyweight 100% cotton pocket T's with our "Diamondville" logo on the pocket! Adult sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL $25.00 (US)
Diamondville tickets Avoid waiting in line by pre-ordering your tickets to Diamondville! $65.00 for one Adult Admission. $40.00 for one Child Admission (ages 10 and under). Children ages 3 and under are admitted free with paid Adult Admission.
$65.00 (US)
$40.00 (US)
Diamondville Annual "Backstage Pass" Become a privileged "Backstage Pass" holder! Good for unlimited admission to Diamondville for a year, plus extra perks: free parking, "front of the line" privileges, preferred seating and extra attention from "Neil" at "Bus Call Tram" stops! Photo required. Non-transferable. Be the "big cheese" and impress your Neilfan friends! $268.00 (US)
Framed Diamondville flyer and tickets For serious Diamondville collectors. Buy our beautiful framed Diamondville flyer with 2 unused tickets. Custom-framed and mats are hand-cut. $120.00 (US)
Framed Diamondville flyer and used, stamped or voided tickets For serious Diamondville collectors. Buy our beautiful framed Diamondville flyer with 2 used, stamped or voided tickets. Custom-framed and mats are hand-cut.
$60.00 (US)

Diamondville clockDiamondville magnetDiamondville passHoliday Inn Blues magnet

Diamondville T-ShirtFear of Marketplace magnet

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