Dumb "Jazz Singer" Lyrics that Neil Didn't Write

Here's all of the song lyrics as they appear in the book, The Jazz Singer by Richard Woodley. I'm not certain if Woodley wrote them, or if they had a lyricist come up with these, in the absence of "real" Neil Diamond song lyrics. "Love On the Rocks" is mentioned in the book, with the correct Neil Diamond lyrics.

"You Baby" (described as a jazz-rocker...yeah, right!)

Move me baby, like you're gonna save me
Every little mood that moves me is you, babe
Every little move is me for you
No more blues on my horizon
The world has spun, the sun is risin'
Wonder why? Wonder how?
Can't wait to say so, I'm tellin' you now
You baby, baby, hear me!
You baby, baby, near me!
Hey! Take a look, my feet are dancin'
My heart is ready for romancin'
You baby, baby, baby it's you!

"Gentle Game" (This song is prominenty featured in the book)

Life and loving is not a gentle game
Everything I tried to touch with softness
Has broken into bits too small to see
Everything worth having is worth fighting for
And you mean more than anything to me
So if I mean the same to you
Or something close
Please let me know before I set you free

"Hello Again, Hello" (Sounds like a phone conversation set to music)

Hello Again, Hello, it was so long ago
I haven't changed, I'm still the same, and you?
Hello? Hello?

"Dazed and Confused" (No, no this is not a Led Zeppelin song!)

What's the hurry?
Why is everybody rushing through?
All of it is over, soon enough
We go by just this once
Let's not do it so dazed and so confused

"Song of Life"

Let me sing a simple song, not long
Something I can sing alone, or anywhere at all
Just a moment of my time, and yours if you are there
Or let it be just me and empty air
It's just a resume of things I've done and where I've gone
And what I'd like to do and me, not more
For me, my melody's a song of life

"Summer Love" (described as country and western)

Don't bother me about where I'd been
I'm all wore out by the shape I'm in
Ain't got no stomach for none o' your chin
Too much o' your lips gettin' under my skin
Don't shake your fryin' pan  in my face
Cookin' won't get you anyplace
Cause I been out with the human race
And I didn't get full, but I got me a taste
Don't give me none of that lonely stuff
Cause just right now I ain't lonely enough
You ain't dealin' with no powder puff
If f you don't smooth it down, I'll make it rough
And I don't feel like I done you dirt
The pain ain't bad cause I don't hurt
Let's have us a beer and go turn in
Tomorrow morning we'll start again

The author of these lyrics is unknown. If you know who wrote these for the book, please contact me, so I can credit them.

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