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Live at Long Beach
Artist: Yes
Title: Live at Long Beach
Unique_Id: LONG_BEA
Format: LP
Catalog: Pig's Eye, PE-YES
Misc.: Audience recording
Date: 740319
Cover: Plain white cardboard cover with 12"x12" white paper insert. Black script lettering across the top saying, "Supermarvelousutterlyterrificsound Double Album", and "Yes" written in large, flowery writing.
Sources: 19 Mar 1974; Long Beach Arena, California
Tracks: Close to the Edge 
The Revealing 
The Ancient (small portion clipped off) 
Starship Trooper 
Band: Jon Anderson 
Steve Howe 
Chris Squire 
Rick Wakeman 
Alan White
Quality: VG- stereo (not much separation), audience recording 
Comments: Don't believe the hype on the cover about being "terrific sound". This one is your average audience recording, which isn't bad, it's just not actually good. LP sounds better if speeded-up a bit using the pitch control on the turntable. 

It's interesting to hear Wakeman playing Topographic material, seeing that he bailed out soon after this tour. Also contains an interesting lyric variation on "Starship Trooper" (unless Jon just plain got it WRONG). Performance is competent, but not outstanding. As with all audience recordings, it's the quieter moments (like the last section of "The Ancient") that come out best.

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