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Say Yes
Artist: Yes
Title: Say Yes
Format: LP
Catalog: Metropol Records Inc Y84001
Misc.: Audience recording
Date: 840600 
Cover: Full color fantasy Frank Frazetta-style painting of an unclothed winged woman and unclothed man embracing. Drama-styled metallic Roger Dean logo super-imposed on the left side of cover. Back cover is plain, turquoise blue with black lettering, containing not much info on the concert. No song listing. 
Sources: 1June 1984; Festhalle, Frankfurt, West Germany
Tracks: Cinema
Leave It 
Yours Is No Disgrace 
Hold On 
I've Seen All Good People 
Kaye Solo 
Rabin Solo 
And You and I 
Owner of a Lonely Heart 
It Can Happen 
Long Distance Runaround 
Amazing Grace 
City of Love 
Starship Trooper 
Band: Jon Anderson  
Trevor Rabin  
Chris Squire  
Tony Kaye  
Alan White 
Quality: VG stereo (not much separation), audience recording
Comments: The bootleg reference guide, "Hot Wacks" lists this as "Excellent Mono". Don't be fooled. The quality of this recording is far short of excellent, even for an audience recording. On the plus side, this record is cut at the correct speed, but on the minus side, the audience noise is very high. One can hear them cough, yell, clap, talk to each other and sing-along during the songs.  

Complete show from the 90125 tour. Anderson is in good voice, and Rabin avoids guitar heroics and excesses. Squire's bass is not very audible in this mix.  

Although this title is not "the worst Yes bootleg, ever", it's definitely not one of the best. Performance-wise, Say Yes is ok, but is unlikely to provide decades of listening pleasure. If you can locate it for a reasonable price, like $25.00, it would be worth it. Otherwise, don't pay a fortune for it.  

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