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The Affirmatives/Live At Madison Square Garden
Artist: Yes
Title: The Affirmatives/Live At Madison Square Garden 
Unique_Id: LIVE_MSG
Format: LP
Catalog: YEP 21874 Chance Records
Misc.: Audience recording
Date: 740218
Cover: Full color cover, with a photo of the 90125 band (??!!) standing onstage, and "THE AFFIRMATIVES" in large lettering across the top The photograph only pictures Rabin, Anderson, White and Squire. 
Sources: 18 Feb 1974; Madison Square Garden, New York, USA 
Tracks: The Revealing Science of God 
The Remembering 
The Ancient 
Band: Jon Anderson  
Steve Howe  
Chris Squire  
Rick Wakeman  
Alan White
Quality: VG mono, audience recording
Comments: Reasonable sounding, solid performance of all of the songs from Tales from the original Tales tour. To the best of my knowledge, this is the ONLY bootleg that features all 4 songs on it. 

Technically, the recording quality is rated (by me) as Very Good. The quality of audience recordings have always been a mixed lot, ranging from god-awful noise (ELP-20th Century Schizoid Man) to wonderful (Yes-Masters of Time). 

For some strange reason, no soundboard recording from the Tales tour has surfaced yet. Considering that only audience recordings were available, the bootleggers that made The Affirmatives/Live at MSG at least chose a good source and did this right. There are no cuts in the middle of songs (unlike Live at Long Beach), and no annoying swishiness (unlike the recording of a Detroit show on 2/28/74). The only problem is the slightly pre-mature fadeout on "The Remembering". 

Since the officially-released Yessongs and Yesshows denied us the opportunity to hear Tales music during its original public rollout, this one the only game in town for fans of Tales. While it is possible to find more compelling performances of "The Ancient" (Philly '79) and "Ritual" (Roosevelt Stadium '76), all things considered, this is a good addition to one's Yes record collection.  

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